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Home Energy Audits for Residents

A home energy audit, also known as a home energy assessment, is the first step to assess how much energy your home consumes and to evaluate what measures you can take to make your home more durable, healthy, comfortable and efficient.

The Energy and Sustainability office can provide direct unbiased assistance to inform you about energy efficiency options, review audit results, estimates or bids, navigate incentive program requirements and financing processes.

Commercial Audit Services

The Energy and Sustainability office offers a variety of commercial audit services both in-house and through third-party programs.

Energy Audits

The Energy and Sustainability Division offers free commercial energy evaluations. These evaluations will give you a clear understanding of your energy use and how to save money on your energy bill. The auditor will give you a full customized report to show you your best available incentives and rebates to help cover the cost of the upgrade.

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Waste Audits

Please check with your local waste hauler to schedule a commercial waste audit, which will help characterize your waste stream and provide insight to better manage your recycling, organics, and garbage systems.

Water Audits

The Energy and Sustainability Division works with the local water providers and the Sonoma County Water Agency to provide free commercial water audits. The audit report will show you available rebates and resources for installing water efficiency upgrades, offer you a comprehensive look at your water use and help you to save money on your bill.

  • Indoor - An indoor water audit focuses on kitchens, restrooms and break rooms. We will test the water flow rate of your faucets and install faucet aerators to improve water conservation. We will also check your toilets for leaks and write up a report to show you possible cost savings and rebates available in your area to help cover the cost of the improvements.
  • Outdoor - An outdoor water audit focuses on the landscape and irrigation system. We will test your sprinklers, drip lines and sprayers to check for possible leaks and identify areas of improvement. For outdoor water audits it is helpful to have a member of the facilities staff on site with the auditor to help answer questions about irrigation scheduling, the timer system and to help turn on the various irrigation stations.

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Sonoma County Energy Independence Program

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Your local alternative to start saving now!

For Contractors and Energy Professionals

Borrow over 100 energy-related tools from our Tool Lending Library

Tool Lending Library

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The Tool Lending Library is a unique program that loans building measurement and diagnostic equipment free of charge to qualified Sonoma County professionals working on short term energy efficiency and demand reduction projects.