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Consulting and Project Planning

The Energy and Sustainability Division has a variety of energy consulting options and tools for residents and business to help evaluate, track and manage your projects. 

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The Energy and Sustainability Division has a list of Participating Contractors to help you find the right person for the job. The Participating Contractors are independent business owners who have supplied us with information about their business, services and current licensing and insurance information.

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Please note: Contractors do not pay to participate or to be listed, and do not purchase leads from the Energy and Sustainability Division.

Solar Consultations

The Energy and Sustainability Division offers free unbiased solar consultations to help you sort out your solar bids for residential and commercial properties.

We can help you at any point in the process of going solar if you have questions or concerns about your project, we offer support! A free consultation includes: a discussion of financing options, assistance with bid comparisons, information about the federal tax credit and proper sizing of your system.

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Project Selection and Planning

Our staff will work with you to identify the right energy efficiency improvement project for your home or business. We will help you to understand  understand home and building audits, and assist with prioritizing your improvements.


A home energy audit is often the first step in making your home more efficient. An audit can help you assess:

  • How much energy your home uses
  • Evaluate what measures you can take to improve efficiency,
  • Address indoor air quality and circulation issues which can affect recurring health problems such as asthma or headaches, comfort, and building durability. 

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For commercial properties, we will:

  • Work with auditors to perform a site assessment,
  • Provide information about your building performance,
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities,
  • Identify available incentives and financing options.

Whether it is a retrofit project, a new site analysis or helping you to consider your options, we can provide you with technical and analytical support.

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Sonoma County Energy Independence Program

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Your local alternative to start saving now!

For Contractors and Energy Professionals

Borrow over 100 energy-related tools from our Tool Lending Library

Tool Lending Library

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The Tool Lending Library is a unique program that loans building measurement and diagnostic equipment free of charge to qualified Sonoma County professionals working on short term energy efficiency and demand reduction projects.