• Cloverdale

    Nestled amid miles of vineyard-covered hills, Cloverdale combines scenic beauty and convenience.  Learn More »

  • Cotati

    Located in the middle of a city park.  Learn More »

  • Petaluma

    The Petaluma building is located with easy access to Highway 101. Learn more »

  • Santa Rosa

    The largest public assembly facility of its type in Sonoma County.   Learn more »

  • Guerneville New

    Located at First & Church Streets. Learn more »

  • Sebastopol

    18,800 square foot Veterans Building in downtown in Sebastopol. Learn more »

  • Sonoma

    Near Sonoma’s historic downtown plaza, a well-equipped, ideal location for your event. Learn more »

Veterans Memorial Buildings

The Veterans Memorial Buildings and Community Center Building have been serving residents of Sonoma County for a variety of purposes since their construction following World War II.

The 8 buildings vary in size from 5,420 square feet in Cotati to 45,650 square feet in Santa Rosa, for a total floor area of 137,778 square feet.

The buildings typically have a large auditorium, meeting rooms, kitchen, and support spaces with offices, however, each building is unique:

  • Guerneville shares the building with the Sheriff's Substation;
  • Cloverdale has a 100,000 gallon public swimming pool;
  • Sonoma is adjacent to a Memorial Cemetery,
  • while Cotati and Sebastopol are adjacent to city parks.

Most of the buildings were constructed between 1950 and 1961. Guerneville is an older building that was acquired by the County in 1948.

Management and Operations

Ticket for EventResponsibility for management of the buildings is shared between the County and 3rd party agencies.

Date: April 15, 2021

Dear Sonoma County Veterans Memorial Buildings facilities visitors,

The Veterans Buildings have been closed to general uses (meetings and events, etc.) due to local and State Health Orders regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. As you may know, health officials have moved Sonoma County into the “Orange Tier”, with less restrictive guidelines now in effect.  We are currently in the process of preparing for re-opening the buildings consistent with required safety protocols. These actions include including airflow testing, space modification, posting signage, amending regulations, procuring PPE, and re-hiring staff.  Our target date for re-opening Veterans facilities is June 30, 2021. The County will continue to work with Veterans groups and others facilitating remote (Zoom) meetings needed in the meantime. For more on the California Health Department’s activity updates, visit the California Blueprint for A Safer Economy website.

The County of Sonoma has continued to utilize many of the buildings to support the pandemic and fire disaster responses. Some activities over the past year have included serving as shelter for the homeless, an evacuation point during the 2020 wildfires, testing/vaccination sites, and other activities consistent with our authorized use of the property in support of the health and safety of the community. You can learn more about the County’s emergency responses at https://socoemergency.org/.

If you have any questions about event cancellation, please contact the following building representatives/reservation specialists:

Santa Rosa Veterans Hall:
Phone: (844) 301-8227 or email: stephanie.goodwin@sonoma-county.org.
Sonoma, Cotati, Petaluma, Guerneville

Phone: (707) 565-2550 or email: halls@sonoma-county.org
Phone: Gene Marcincowski, (707) 669-2089
Phone: (707) 829-4797 x1005
Anthony Wilson, Sebastopol Center for the Arts anthonyw@sebarts.org

If you have questions about veterans’ group business usage of the buildings, please contact:

Jeremy Scannell
Jeremy.scannell@sonoma-county.org or phone: (707) 565-3025

Building closure FAQs

Contact Information

County of Sonoma
Business Hours
Monday – Thursday
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Contact us by Phone
La Plaza A
2300 County Center Drive
Suite A200
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
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