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Sonoma County Fish and Wildlife Commission

Establishes a county fish and wildlife propagation fund for the protection, conservation, propagation and preservation of fish and wildlife pursuant to Fish and Game Code Section 13100.


Board of Supervisors Resolution No. 46215, adopted 09/16/74; C-7-11, 7/28/81; 02-0179, 2/26/02


Receives and reviews applications for funding for various projects and recommends to the Agricultural Commissioner that certain projects be funded from the County's fish and wildlife propagation fund.

Membership Term

At the pleasure of the Board.

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Meeting Schedule

Third Thursday of each month (except in July, August, and December 2015) - 7:00 p.m. - 133 Aviation Blvd., Suite 110

Membership Composition

Twelve members, 2 from each Supervisorial District and 2 members "at large".
13 Members
RepresentingMember NameAppointment
At Large RepresentativeBrock DolmanReso 02-0104, 1/29/2002
At Large RepresentativeCrystal NorrisReso 98-1097, 8/18/1998
First DistrictJames LynchReso 03-1251, 3/11/2003
First DistrictSharon PonsfordSumm Act #48, 6/11/2018
Second DistrictAl FerrisReso 01-1032; 8/21/2001
Second DistrictJeff HoldenReso 06-0070, 1/24/2006
Third DistrictDagny ThomasSumm Act #22, 5/14/2013
Third DistrictDavid CookReso 05-0818, 9/20/2005
Fourth DistrictJake McKeeSumm Act #9, 5/16/2017
Fourth DistrictKevin DavisSumm Act #9, 5/16/2017
Fifth DistrictBeth LambSumm Act #28, 4/15/2014
Fifth DistrictTodd DerumSumm Act #16, 4/3/2018
Liaison, Ag. Comm.Sue Ostrom

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