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Curbside Chipper Program

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Thank you for your interest in our Countywide Curbside Chipper Project. Please remember that the purpose of our Curbside Chipper Project is to assist you in creating and maintaining your defensible space around your home, structures and access routes to the property.  Your parcel size must be no larger than five acres unless otherwise approved. 

Chipper Project Update 09-27-2018

Applications will require a picture of the pile(s) to be chipped. The pile(s) shall be located within 10 feet of a driving surface. Piles not accessible will be the responsibility of the homeowner to correct or remove. Due to the large volume of applications in process, current chipping time is approximately 30 days. We can only commit to a chipping time of 3 hours. Jobs not completed in the 3 hour timeframe will be rescheduled or will be the property owner's responsibility to finish.  Please review and understand the guidelines prior to staging piles for chipping.

If you are interested in the program and your property is less than five acres or have received a flyer in the mail, please click here.

If your property is larger than five acres or you have not received a flyer in the mail, please click here.

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