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Published:  October 20, 2020

megaphoneWe have some exciting news to share! On October 2, 2020 the Human Resources Department met with union representatives to discuss the addition of a new Staff Development-Wellness benefit category called Ergonomic Office Expenses. The Information Sheet below outlines the new ergonomic office expenses to be covered. The Computer Hardware and Mobile Device category has also been updated to include ethernet cable, web cameras, wireless routers and extenders. For further information visit the Staff Development site

Beginning October 19, 2020, any purchase receipts dated on or after July 1, 2020 for ergonomic office expenses will be reimbursable through submission of a Staff Development eForm in accordance within the program guidelines. You must attach an approved telework agreement and appropriate proof of payment.

Information Sheet

Allowable Ergonomic Office Expenses
Employees who have been approved to telework may be reimbursed for ergonomic office expenses as part of their staff development/wellness benefit. For more information refer to your departmental telework policy, guidance document or agreement, if applicable. The following items below are now included as eligible reimbursable expenses under the new category of Ergonomic Office Expenses.

Tax Treatment: Taxable

REQUIREMENT: Employees must attach approved telework agreement for each eForm claim submission.

PLEASE NOTE: In the event the equipment is needed as part of a reasonable accommodation in conjunction with a documented work restriction, please discuss the need with your HR Liaison prior to making the purchase and seeking reimbursement.

Ergonomic Office Expenses:

  • Cushions for office chair seat, lumbar support, and armrest
  • Ergonomic document holders
  • Footrests
  • Laptop stands
  • Lap desks
  • Monitor risers
  • Office chairs
  • Office desks
  • Wrist pad for keyboard and mouse


Exceptions and Exclusions
The following provides a list of exclusions with examples. This list is NOT all-inclusive, and the County reserves the right to exclude any expense which may not conform to the intent for the use of County funds or resources.

Employees are encouraged to seek guidance from the Department of Human Resources at StaffDev@sonoma-county.org for clarification of these exclusions and reimbursable expenses before incurring the expense.

  • Financing or installment agreements. Only the monthly installment bill with proof of payment is eligible for reimbursement
  • Consumable products such as computer / laptop supplies (e.g. paper, ink cartridges, etc.)
  • Service, maintenance agreements, warranties, or repair costs for qualified hardware and mobile devices
  • All costs associated with a telecommunication provider, including telephone, data and equipment charges
  • Personal living furniture (e.g. reclining chairs, armchairs, massage chairs, dining tables, side tables, coffee tables, lighting fixtures)
  • Standard office supplies (the employee’s department will provide standard office supplies (e.g. pens, paper, pencils, etc.) and in some instances may provide equipment or software, if feasible and approved by the department)
  • Interest costs on leases, lease purchases, loans, etc. for the purchase of qualified hardware or mobile devices

If you have any questions send your email to StaffDev@sonoma-county.org.

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