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Membership and Terms

Five members appointed by the Board of Supervisors: two members shall be from the Dry Creek Valley Association, two members shall be from the Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley, and one member shall be from the general public designated by the Fourth District Supervisor.

Affected CommunityBill Smith12/31/20
Affected CommunityRuth Wilson12/31/19
Affected CommunityMike Tierney12/31/20
Affected CommunityVicky Farrow12/31/19
Fourth DistrictJenny Gomez12/31/20
SecretarySharon Pillsbury

Membership Term

Two years; staggered terms ending December 31, serving at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors.

Serve without compensation.

Past and present Chair and Vice Chair

ChairVice ChairYear
Jazon BoazTom Rued2013
Fred CorsonTom Rued2014
Fred CorsonTom Rued2015
Tom RuedCharlee Schanzer2016
Ruth WilsonVicky Farrow2017
Vicky FarrowRuth Wilson 2018

Contact Information

Jen Mendoza

4th District Director

Board of Supervisors
County of Sonoma
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