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Dry Creek Valley Citizens Advisory Council

The mission of the Dry Creek Valley Citizens Advisory Council (“the DCVCAC”) is to act as a bridge for communication between the County and local residents and businesses, and the general public on local planning decisions affecting the Dry Creek Valley.

The Dry Creek Valley Citizens Advisory Council provides a forum for public expression and for making advisory recommendations to the County of Sonoma and its Permit and Resource Management Department, Board of Zoning Adjustments, Planning Commission, and Board of Supervisors on applications for use permits, rezonings, and general plan amendments in the Dry Creek Valley.

Advisory Council Blue Book
(includes Map of Area Subject To The Jurisdiction Of The Council) (PDF: 1.33 MB)

Guidelines for New Use Permits with Visitor Serving Agricultural Uses(PDF: 154 kB) – Guidelines for use by the Dry Creek Valley Citizens Advisory Council in investigating, discussing and considering applications for new use permits that include visitor serving agricultural uses in agricultural and resource zones in the Dry Creek Valley watershed.

Map of Referral Area(PDF: 1.59 MB) – Dry Creek Valley Citizens Advisory Council boundary map

More details including authority, vacancies, duties, membership composition, compensation and terms

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Jen Mendoza

4th District Director

Board of Supervisors
County of Sonoma
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