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In response to a federal court order to reduce prison overcrowding, the California Legislature enacted the Public Safety Realignment Act in 2011, which mandated sweeping changes to the criminal justice system by shifting the responsibility for managing select adult offenders from the state to each of the 58 counties.  As a result, lower level felons who would have served time in state prison or been supervised on state parole before this legislation now serve time in county jails and are supervised in the community by county probation departments.  In Sonoma County, there are approximately 600 such felons, on average, with slightly fewer than half serving time in jail and the remainder being supervised in the community by the Probation Department.  To help fund this increased responsibility, the state diverts a portion of revenue to counties, mostly from sales tax, that was formerly allocated to state corrections programs.

To allocate Sonoma County’s portion of state revenues, each year, the Sonoma County Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) develops program and funding recommendations.  These recommendations are voted upon by the seven-member CCP Executive Committee and then submitted to the Board of Supervisors for approval.  Per state legislation, the Chief Probation Officer chairs the Executive Committee, and the voting membership includes the Sheriff, District Attorney, Public Defender, Director of Behavioral Health, a Sonoma Superior Court Executive Officer, and a Chief of Police from one city located in Sonoma County.  

CCP-funded programs focus on public safety, reducing recidivism, and offender rehabilitation.

The CCP typically holds at least eight meetings per year at 370 Administration Drive in Santa Rosa, which are open to the public.

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