Child Care Planning Council of Sonoma County

A standing committee representing the Board of Supervisors and the Sonoma County Superintendent of Schools which provides a forum for comprehensive planning for child care needs in order to provide a unified, integrated system of service for children and families. Visit:


Chapter 2.3, Article 2 of Part 6 of the Education Code


To advise the Board of Supervisors and the County Superintendent of Schools on child care program and policy issues; to conduct countywide child care needs assessments; to create a countywide child care plan; and to recommend priorities for child care funding from the California Department of Education.

Membership Term

2 year terms ending December 31st of alternating years.


State funded.

Meeting Schedule

First Friday of each month - 8:45 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. usually at the Sonoma County Office of Education

Membership Composition

Up to 35 members, representing child care consumers, child care providers, public agency representatives, community representatives and discretionary appointees of the Board and the Superintendent.
30 Members: 8 Current Vacancies
RepresentingMember NameAppointmentTerm Expires
Child Care Consumer RepresentativeJason RiggsSumm Act #17, 2/7/201712/31/2020
Child Care Consumer RepresentativeLorie SieblerSumm Act #21, 9/19/201712/31/2019
Child Care Consumer RepresentativeRebecca HachmyerSumm Act #20, 12/12/201712/31/2019
Child Care Consumer RepresentativeRichard HorrellSumm Act #25, 4/7/202012/31/2021
Child Care Consumer RepresentativeVacantVacant
Child Care Provider RepresentativeCathy VaughnSumm Act #20, 1/5/201612/31/2019
Child Care Provider RepresentativeMegan HedeSumm Act #21, 9/19/201712/31/2019
Child Care Provider RepresentativeRenee Whitlock-HemsouvanhSumm Act #25, 6/5/201812/31/2019
Child Care Provider RepresentativeTerry ZieglerSumm Act #17, 2/7/201712/31/2020
Child Care Provider RepresentativeVacantVacant
Child Care Provider RepresentativeVacantVacant
Child Care Provider RepresentativeVacantVacant
Community RepresentativeCarrie AnaboSumm Act #20, 1/5/201612/31/2019
Community RepresentativeGina Fortino DicksonSumm Act #16, 7/9/201912/31/2020
Community RepresentativeHeather Sweet-KrikacSumm Act #20, 1/5/201612/31/2019
Community RepresentativeKathleen KelleySumm Act #17, 2/7/201712/31/2020
Community RepresentativeMissy DannebergSumm Act #45, 11/15/201612/31/2020
Community RepresentativeVacantVacant
Discretionary RepresentativeLisa GrocottSumm Act #17, 2/7/201712/31/2020
Discretionary RepresentativeMargie VondrakSumm Act #20, 1/5/201612/31/2019
Discretionary RepresentativeSoledad FigueroaSumm Act #17, 2/7/201712/31/2020
Discretionary RepresentativeSonya ValienteSumm Act #20, 1/5/201612/31/2019
Discretionary RepresentativeVacantVacant
Discretionary RepresentativeVacantVacant
Public Agency RepresentativeAlice HamptonSumm Act #20, 1/5/201612/31/2019
Public Agency RepresentativeDebbie BlantonSumm Act #17, 2/7/201712/31/2020
Public Agency RepresentativeMichelle BendykSumm Act #21, 9/19/201712/31/2019
Public Agency RepresentativeNanette (Sheri) Schonleber12/12/201712/31/2019
Public Agency RepresentativeSusan LangerSumm Act #21, 9/19/201712/31/2019
Public Agency RepresentativeVacantVacant

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