• Sonoma County Cannabis Program

Sonoma County Cannabis Program


We recognize that Sonoma County cannabis producers may have lost crop due to the recent fires. The Sonoma County Tax Ordinance allows the County to prorate or adjust the cannabis business tax based on crop loss.

The Department of Agriculture/Weights & Measures will be available to perform inspections to cannabis crops to determine crop loss. Growers wishing to claim crop loss must contact the Department of Agriculture/Weights & Measures at (707) 565-2371 to schedule an inspection. 

The Cannabis Office, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, is available on a limited basis virtually effective Tuesday, March 17.  Staff will be checking email but our ability to respond will be limited. Please email cannabis@sonoma-county.org

Can Cannabis Businesses continue to operate?

Yes, licensed cannabis businesses are allowed to remain open, including cultivators, processors, manufacturers, distributors, testing labs, dispensaries/retail facilities, and delivery companies providing medical or adult-use cannabis. All cannabis businesses must be closed to the public and employees must follow Social Distancing and Hygiene Requirements.

Dispensaries/retail facilities and delivery companies may only sell cannabis and cannabis products via curbside pickup or delivery. Dispensaries/retail facilities selling via curbside pickup should encourage customers to call in their orders ahead of time. Customers do not need a County Medical Marijuana ID Card or a physician’s recommendation to purchase cannabis or cannabis products.

For more information, visit socoemergency.org

Planning Agency Update July 30, 2020

Staff gave a presentation regarding the Cannabis Ordinance Update key items for consideration, process, and timeline. 

View the Zoom Video on YouTube

View the PowerPoint Presentation. (PDF: 529 Kb) 

If you would like to submit public comments regarding the Cannabis Ordinance Update, please email them to Cannabis@sonoma-county.org

December 19, 2019 Update: Cannabis Ad Hoc Recommendations

On December 17, 2019, the Board of Supervisors received an update on the Cannabis Ad Hoc Committee and accepted recommendations for program improvements. 

The Board of Supervisors approved recommendations for staff to explore changes in the following areas: penalty relief program, cultivation, and the timeline for these recommendations. These changes include an assessment of penalty relief applications, permitting process improvements, code enforcement, and updates to the ordinance toward ministerial permitting. 

Staff will begin work on the following items:

  • Complete an assessment of each penalty relief project application and establish a path to resolution
  • Schedule projects identified for original jurisdiction for hearing at future Board of Supervisors meetings (30 day notification)
  • Investigate amending the Cannabis Land Use Ordinance to that cannabis cultivation may be allowed with a ministerial permit issued by the Department of Agriculture / Weights & Measures (AWM), while associated building permits would continue to be issued by Permit Sonoma; and including amendments that would streamline the permitting process
  • Transition code enforcement of regulated market from Permit Sonoma to AWM
  • Shift priorities from a countywide environmental impact review toward changes that do not require that level of environmental review
  • Develop a business plan and timeline for program improvements and transition of responsibilities

Please note: Amendments to the Cannabis Land Use Ordinance will proceed through a public hearing process, with opportunities for public input. The Board of Supervisors will also review the business plan and timeline. 

Summary Report (PDF: 1,350 kB) 

PowerPoint Presentation (PDF: 234 kB)

CalCannabis Update - COVID-19: Keeping Our Workforces Safe

Visit the CalCannabis website for information on how to keep your workforce safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information, click here

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