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Explore Foster Parenting

Attend a monthly online talk on becoming a foster parent to a Sonoma County child or teen. Hear from local foster parents and foster care agencies. Reserve your spot for this introductory discussion at (707) 565-4274.

Perspectiva Económica 2021

El Dr. Jerry Nickelsburg ha vuelto para presentar un primer vistazo exclusivo al futuro económico del Condado de Sonoma. La continua pandemia de COVID-19 y los recientes incendios forestales han cambiado significativamente nuestro panorama económico, dejando a gran parte de nuestra comunidad y empresas vulnerables. Esta valiosa información proporcionará contexto y comprensión, mientras que nuestra región continúa en el camino de la recuperación económica. También nos tomaremos el tiempo para revisar el Plan de Acción de Recuperación Económica, recientemente adoptado por el Condado, y discutiremos las necesidades críticas que afectan a la fuerza laboral local. Escuche la perspectiva de nuestro panel sobre los impactos del cuidado infantil en nuestra fuerza laboral y aprenda cómo participar en la construcción de una economía inclusiva y saludable. 

2021 Economic Perspective

Dr. Jerry Nickelsburg is back to present an exclusive first look into Sonoma County's economic future. The continuing COVID-19 pandemic and recent wildfires have significantly changed our economic landscape, leaving much of our community and businesses vulnerable. This valuable insight will provide context and understanding as our region continues on the path of economic recovery. We will also take time to review the County's newly adopted Economic Recovery Action Plan and discuss critical needs impacting local workforce. Listen to our panel’s perspective on childcare impacts to our workforce and learn how to get involved in building up an inclusive and healthy economy.

Investment Committee Meeting

Investment Committee for the Sonoma County Employees' Retirement Association

Facebook Live: Historic Flooding of the Russian River 

Regional Parks

We’re live! Join us Thursdays for fun, short science spiels as we share a little about who and what make our parks home. Tune in, start a watch party, and have fun learning about our awesome parks. Every session will include a live Q & A about what we share.

: Cancelled
Hikes with Hounds - from Coyotes to Dogs

Regional Parks

Foothill Regional Park
Bring your furry friend for a howling good time on these leisurely late afternoon hikes! As we enjoy some fun facts about the history of coyotes – our dogs’ distant cousins, we will look for signs of these wild canines (scat and tracks!).

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