Voter's Choice Act Election Administration Plan

The California Voter's Choice Act requires any county wishing to transition to the Voter's Choice Act election model to develop an Election Administration Plan that provides transparency and informs voters about all aspects of the Voter's Choice Act election model. This includes the services and information available at vote centers and ballot drop box locations.

In developing the Plan, the County is required to hold several public consultation meetings with representatives and stakeholders from different communities, particularly voters with disabilities and language minority voters. Three such meetings were already held via Zoom in May of 2021, and the Registrar of Voters has tried to take the comments and concerns received into account while drafting the Plan.

From July 8, 2021 to July 23, 2021, the Registrar of Voters is seeking public comments on the Plan, which is posted below in English and four other languages. Please provide feedback by emailing or calling (707) 565-3811.

Draft Election Administration Plan (June 2021)

English June 29, 2021
Spanish June 29, 2021
Tagalog June 29, 2021
Vietnamese June 29, 2021
Khmer June 29, 2021

Vote Center and Drop Box Location Criteria

When a County implements the Voter’s Choice Act Model, it is required to consider multiple factors when locating ballot boxes and vote centers. Sonoma County has created map layers using available demographic, election, and transportation data, as well as a layer modeling the combined data sets, to evaluate the areas of highest need for ballot boxes and vote centers, based on the criteria identified in Elections Code 4005.

View Sonoma County Location Criteria Data

The map does not currently show the locations of vote centers, as those are in the process of being identified.

Have a recommendation for a vote center? Let us know!

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