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Election Locations (Map)

This page provides information about secure 24-hour ballot drop boxes and in-person voting locations for the November 3, 2020 election.

Hours of Operation

Ballot drop boxes will be open by October 6th and be open through 8pm on Election Day.

Early in-person voting is available beginning October 5th in the Registrar of Voters Office at 435 Fiscal Dr., Santa Rosa.

In-person voting locations will be open from 9am to 5pm Saturday, October 31st, Sunday, November 1st and Monday, November 2nd, and will be open from 7am to 8pm on Tuesday, November 3rd (Election Day). Unlike previous elections, voters are not assigned to one location, and can vote at any in-person location. The voter will receive a ballot for their individual precinct.

  • Bodega Bay Yacht Club, 565 Smith Brothers Road, Bodega Bay
  • Cloverdale Citrus Fair, Tea Room, 1 Citrus Fair Drive, Cloverdale
  • Cotati Veterans Memorial Building, 8505 Park Avenue, Cotati
  • Forestville Fire Station, 6554 Mirabel Road, Forestville
  • Alexander Valley Hall, 5512 Highway 128, Geyserville
  • Graton Community Center, 8996 Graton Road, Graton
  • Guerneville Veterans Memorial Building, 16255 First Street, Guerneville
  • Villa Chanticleer, 900 Chanticleer Way, Healdsburg
  • Sonoma County Office of Ed – Headwaters, 1355 Industrial Avenue, Petaluma - North
  • Petaluma Veterans Memorial Building, 1094 Petaluma Boulevard S, Petaluma - South
  • Petaluma Community Center, 320 N McDowell Boulevard, Petaluma -East
  • Hermann Sons Hall, 860 Western Avenue, Petaluma -West
  • Rohnert Park Senior Center, 6800 Hunter Drive, Rohnert Park
  • Rohnert Park Community Center, 5401 Snyder Lane, Rohnert Park
  • Roseland Community Center, 779 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa - Central
  • Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Kraft Hall, 1350 Bennett Valley Road, Santa Rosa - Central
  • Berger Center – Oakmont, 6633 Oakmont Drive, Santa Rosa - East
  • Sonoma County Registrar of Voters, 435 Fiscal Drive, Santa Rosa - North
  • Luther Burbank Center, 50 Mark West Springs Road, Santa Rosa - North
  • Moose Lodge - Santa Rosa, 3559 Airway Drive, Santa Rosa - Northwest
  • Christ Church United Methodist, 1717 Yulupa Avenue, Santa Rosa - Southeast
  • Joe Mazzola Union Hall, 3473 Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa - South
  • Sonoma County Office of Ed - Amarosa Academy, 3261 Dutton Avenue, Santa Rosa – South
  • Del Mar Hall, The Sea Ranch Association, 40600 Leeward Road, Sea Ranch
  • Sebastopol Community Center, 390 Morris Street, Sebastopol
  • Gold Ridge Fire, Station One (Hessel), 4500 Hessel Road, Sebastopol -South
  • Moose Lodge – Sonoma, 20580 Broadway, Sonoma - South
  • Finnish American Home Assoc. (FAHA), 197 W. Verano Avenue, Sonoma – Northwest
  • Sonoma Veterans Memorial Building, 126 First Street West, Sonoma - Northeast
  • Windsor Town Council Chambers, 9291 Old Redwood Highway, Windsor
  • Bodega Bay Fire Station, 510 Highway 1, Bodega Bay
  • Cloverdale Veterans Memorial Building, 205 West 1st Street, Cloverdale
  • Cotati Veterans Memorial Building, 8505 Park Avenue, Cotati
  • Duncans Mills Fire Station, 24900 Highway 116, Duncans Mills
  • Geyserville Fire Station, 20975 Geyserville Avenue, Geyserville
  • Glen Ellen Fire Station, 13445 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen
  • Guerneville Regional Library, 14107 Armstrong Woods Road, Guerneville
  • Healdsburg City Hall, 401 Grove Street, Healdsburg
  • Kenwood Fire Station, 9045 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood
  • Petaluma Community Center, 320 N McDowell Boulevard, Petaluma - Central
  • Petaluma Veterans Memorial Building, 1094 Petaluma Boulevard South, Petaluma - South
  • Sonoma State University, 1801 East Cotati Avenue, Rohnert Park
  • Rohnert Park - Cotati Regional Library, 6250 Lynne Condé Way, Rohnert Park
  • Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building, 1351 Maple Avenue, Santa Rosa - Central
  • Roseland Community Center, 779 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa - Central
  • Rincon Valley Library, 6959 Montecito Boulevard, Santa Rosa - East
  • Sonoma County Registrar of Voters, 435 Fiscal Drive, Santa Rosa - North
  • Sebastopol Center for the Arts, 282 S High Street, Sebastopol
  • Sonoma Valley Regional Library, 755 West Napa Street, Sonoma
  • Bluebird Center, 25 Bluebird Drive, Windsor

Registrar of Voters Site Selection Methodology

Due to the pandemic, and legislative actions to keep voters safe for the November election, the Registrar of Voters is conducting a different type of election than Sonoma County voters are used to. All active, registered voters will receive a mail ballot in October for the November election. Additionally, safe in-person voting locations must be provided.

SB 423 requires counties to provide in-person voting locations. There were two options allowed by the legislation for Sonoma County:

  1. Provide the same in-person voting locations as were provided for the March 2020 Presidential Primary Election. This was not a feasible option for Sonoma County. Sonoma County relies heavily on schools and senior facilities for polling places. The Sonoma County Office of Education informed the Registrar of Voters Office that schools would likely be unavailable to use for voting in November, due to safety concerns and a desire to contain school campuses to students and faculty only, related to the pandemic. Additionally, a number of the senior facilities and other polling places informed the Registrar of Voters that due to health concerns, their facility would be unavailable for voting in November.
  2. Provide a minimum of one (1) voting location per 10,000 voters, and one (1) secure ballot drop box per 15,000 voters. This is the option that Sonoma County decided to pursue for the November election. To select the location sites, the Registrar of Voters had to consider demographic and voting data, including population centers, historical low vote by mail usage, households with low rates of vehicle ownership, and language minority communities. This data is provided in the map on the following page, along with a modeled map that combines all the considered criteria. 

Utilizing the data provided on the proposed voting location map, the Registrar of Voters Office focused on larger locations in areas that indicated a higher need. Larger facilities will provide voters and election staff space for social distancing and safety precautions. Secondarily, locations that were smaller, but in areas of need or to minimize driving distances and times were sought. Many areas of need do not contain a proposed voting location due to a lack of suitable or available facilities. 

The result of this work and analysis is provided on the proposed voting location map. The Registrar of Voters sincerely thanks the facilities and organizations that are and were willing to be available as voting locations and contribute to democracy.

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