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Marriage Ceremonies

To reduce the number of people visiting our office, Sonoma County is utilizing the Governor’s Executive Order N-58-20/N-71-20 to issue Marriage Licenses and Civil Ceremonies by Videoconference on ZOOM. 

To schedule an appointment for a marriage license and civil ceremony, complete the Online Application for Marriage License and follow the instructions at Checkout.

Please email marriage@sonoma-county.org for more information.

Important Notice

Important Information 75x40The staff of the Clerk-Recorder-Assessor's Office are forbidden by California legal codes to practice law or provide legal advice; this prohibition includes giving advice about what forms you might need or how you should fill them out.

Who Can Perform Marriages

In California, persons authorized to perform marriages include:

  • Priest
  • Minister
  • Rabbi
  • Commissioners of Civil Marriages
  • Judges or retired judges (see CA Family Code 400 for specifics)
  • A person that holds or formerly held an elected office of a city or county
  • A member of the Legislature or constitutional officer of this state or a Member of Congress of the United States who represents a district within this state, or a former Member of the Legislature or constitutional officer of this state or a former Member of Congress of the United States who represented a district within this state
  • Out-of-state or out-of-country priests, ministers, or clergy persons may perform marriages in California.
  • Ships' captains do not have authority to solemnize California marriages unless they fall into one of the categories above. 

For more information please see California Government Code 400-402

Civil Ceremonies by the County Clerk’s Office

  • English and Spanish civil ceremonies are offered
  • Ceremonies are performed by Deputy Marriage Commissioners who are also employees of the County Clerk-Recorder Office
  • Ceremonies are by appointment only
  • Fee is $60.00
  • Witnesses
    • Couples getting married with a regular/public marriage license must bring at least one witness
    • Couples with a confidential license do not need to bring a witness

Civil Ceremony Location Options

Ceremony Location options are not available at this time.

  • Wedding Room
    • Limit of 17 wedding guests
    • Benches and standing areas
    • No pets allowed
  • Wedding Garden / Outside
    • Weather permitting
    • Variety of flowering shrubs and plants
    • Pets are allowed
    • No limit on number of guests - different areas fit different sizes
      • Recommended no more than 20 guests for wedding garden
      • You may choose anywhere on the block for the ceremony
    • It is a public area, so members of the public may be present

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