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Property Data for Sale to the Public


The Assessor's Office offers non-confidential property information to the public for a fee in accordance with California Revenue and Taxation Code section 408.3.

This page lists the information available for purchase at our office in Santa Rosa.   

Parcel Maps

The Assessor maintains nearly 7,000 maps that illustrate over 183,000 parcels of property in Sonoma County. Map books containing copies of these maps are available for viewing in our Santa Rosa office.

11" x 17" and also 8½" x 11" photocopies are available for purchase

 Description Fee
11 x 17 or 8½ x 11 (per map page) $10.00
All Maps (single issue) $60.00
All Maps (annual subscription with monthly updates) $720.00

Property Information

Assessment roll and property characteristic information is available for most parcels in Sonoma County

Roll Data

Roll data is available via email, in our office, or over the phone. Roll data includes basic assessment roll and assessee information about a property.

Property Profile

A Property Profile is a computer screen print that lists a variety of land, residential, value, agricultural, and commercial data for a single parcel; a copy of this print-out is available for purchase at our Customer Service counter.

Information on a Property Profile includes the parcel number, street address, assessee, and use code information, as well as quality/class rating, square footage, bed and bath count, parcel size and applicable agricultural preserve data.

The use code identifies the principal use of a property. Quality/Class ratings indicate the type of structure, quality of materials, and general shape of structures on a property.

Please note: Use codes are for assessment purposes only.

Request Property Profile

Roll Data (per parcel) $5.00 
Property Profile (per parcel) $7.00

Building Records

Only the property owner or an authorized representative can view or purchase Assessor Building Records. Building Records are those the Assessor maintains that pertain to the assessment of the real or personal property. Identification (and a completed authorization form) is required to view or purchase copies of these documents.

Authorization to Access Confidential Files

Request Assessor Building Records

Assessor Building Records may include:

  • A sketch (outline) of the building(s)
  • Information on physical characteristics of the building(s)
  • Appraiser field notes

The Assessor’s Offices does not maintain copies of blueprints, plot plans/site plans, or location of well/septic.

 Description Fee
 Building Record Documents $5.00 per page

City/County Parcel Map Book Boundary Maps

The Assessor's Office maintains maps of the nine incorporated cities in Sonoma County showing the boundaries of our parcel map books within each respective vicinity. We also have maps showing the boundaries of our parcel map books in the entire county. Framed editions of the maps are hanging in the public counter area of our Santa Rosa main office and copies are available for purchase.

City Maps (each) $8.00
Sonoma County Map $8.00


Mailing List with Situs (Property Location Address)

In addition to assessee names and mailing addresses, the Mailing List Report lists property addresses, parcel numbers, use codes and tax rate area codes for parcels you select. The report can be delivered by email, or via FTP drop folder. For more information, please call (707) 565-1888.

Property Transfer List in Parcel Number Sequence

The Property Transfer List, also called the Transfer Journal, is a monthly listing of all reappraisable transfers of real property in Sonoma County that occurred during the prior two years.

Subdivision Index

There are more than 3,200 subdivisions in Sonoma County, and the list is growing. An Excel format listing of these subdivisions in alphabetical order is available for $25.00. The report can be delivered by email, or via FTP drop folder.

The Subdivision Index is updated annually and provides name and parcel number book and page data for each subdivision. Please call (707) 565-1888 for more information.

Assessor's Master List (Property Characteristics)
Secured Roll

This listing contains extensive assessment, assessee and property characteristics information for all assessed real estate in Sonoma County. The list is sorted in assessment number sequence. Please call (707) 565-1888 for more information.

Assessor's Master List
Unsecured Roll

This listing contains basic assessee information for unsecured properties in Sonoma County. Unsecured properties include businesses, boats and aircraft.

Mailing List with Situs - Secured (plus additional fee per parcel for custom report) $88.00
Mailing List with Situs - Unsecured  (plus additional fee per parcel for custom report) $46.00
Property Transfer List (Transfer Journal) (per issue) $40.00
Property Transfer List (per annual subscription) $448.00
Subdivision Index $25.00
Assessor's Master List – Secured (plus additional fee per parcel for custom report) $98.00
Assessor's Master List – Unsecured (plus additional fee per parcel for custom report) $98.00

Other Items and Services

Use Code Index

The Assessor assigns a use code to every parcel that identifies its predominant use. Please note that our use codes are for assessment purposes only. Use Code Index we have available for purchase for $3.50..

FAX/Email Fee

We can FAX/email a copy of documents you require to you for a fee of $4.00 per parcel.

Assessor Certification Service

The Sonoma County Assessor's Office will stamp and certify documents that we provide to the public for a fee of $5.00 per document.

Assorted Services

In addition to all of the products and services listed above, the Sonoma County Assessor's Office can provide a number of services for you including informal segregation, voluntary mergers, and general property research. There are fees for some of these services.


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