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Staff Directory

Welcome to the Community Development Commission! Our office is located at 1440 Guerneville Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95403. 

We are committed to answering your inquiries. Please use the contact list below to find the appropriate staff member. Contacting multiple staff members with the same inquiry will delay our ability to respond swiftly.

For general questions or to determine the appropriate staff member to speak with, please call (707) 565-7500.

DescriptionPhone Number
Main Number(707) 565-7500
Español(707) 565-7503
FAX(707) 565-7583
TDD(707) 565-7555

Administrative Support

Main ReceptionCustomer Service Team(707)

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Telephone and Email Directory


Barbie RobinsonInterim Executive Director(707)
Tina RiveraInterim Assistant Director (707) 565-7901 
Trish BlueController (707)
Dusti LongfellowAdministrative Services Officer(707)
Linda LowExecutive Secretary(707)

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Monitoring and Compliance

Name Title Phone Email 
Kirsten LarsenEnvironmental Coordinator (707) 565-7526 
Felicity Gasser Equity and Compliance Manager(707) 565-7507
Chuck MotternPublic Services Funding Coordinator(707)
Stephanie HershbergerQuality and Compliance Specialist (707)
Suzanne WhippleCommunity Development Specialist  ( 707) 565-7502
Valerie Johnson Senior Community Development Specialist(707)  
Holly KelleySenior Community Development Specialist(707)

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Affordable Housing and Financing

Diedre DuncanAffordable Housing Director(707)
VacantAffordable Housing Development and Preservation Specialist
Angela MorganAffordable Housing Finance Associate(707)
Maria ContrerasAffordable Housing Finance Specialist(707)
Darrin O'HaraAdministrative Aide(707)
Jason GaddisHousing Rehabilitation Specialist ( 707) 565-7545
Marc ChandlerHousing Rehabilitation Specialist (707)
Shelley TicehurstAdministrative Aide(707) 

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Homeless Services

NameTitle Phone Email
Michael GauseEnding Homelessness Manager(707)
Karissa WhiteHomeless Programs Coordinator(707) 
Joseph HegedusSenior Community Development Specialist(707)
Daniel Overbury-HowlandDepartment Information Systems

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Housing Authority and Rental Assistance Eligibility Section

Martha CheeverHousing Authority Manager (707)
Tracy BeckerProgram Compliance Officer(707)
Cynthia MeiswinkelIntake & Occupancy Supervisor (707)
Guadalupe SilvaInspection Specialist(707) 565-7534
Orbelina LandaverdeHousing Negotiator - Inspector(707)
Emily Quig DV Housing Negotiator - Inspector (707)
Jen MazzamutoSenior Community Development Specialist(707)
Edith OcegueraBilingual Occupancy Specialist(707)
Mary ZepponiOccupancy Specialist(707)
Bianca BelmontOccupancy Specialist (707) 565-3045
Nadia CurielIntake & Occupancy Specialist (707)
Thai HiltonSpecial Programs Coordinator(707)
Deborah MedinaOccupancy Specialist(707)
Sonia PerezBilingual Occupancy Specialist (707) 565-7525
Annie HuynhExtra-Help Community Development Specialist (707)

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Office Support Staff

NameTitle Phone E-mail
Linda RuizSenior Office Support Supervisor (707) 565-4459
Alexander ArendSenior Office Assistant(707)
Bryan KrollSenior Office Assistant(707)
Susan Anton-TracyOffice Assistant(707)
Marcus CoreyOffice Assistant (707) 565-7502

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Name Title Phone Email 
Jill Lyman  Accountant III(707) 565-7512 
Susan Bookmyer Accountant II (707) 565-7546 
Jane KeylonAccounting Technician (707) 565-1978
Kathleen TannehillAccounting Technician(707)
Stacy VasquezAccount Clerk II(707) 

Contact Information

Barbie Robinson

Interim Executive Director

Business Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

1440 Guerneville Road

Santa Rosa, CA 95403
38.457092, -122.733925