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Housing and Neighborhood Investment

The Community Development Commission's mission is to create homes for all in thriving and inclusive neighborhoods. We strive to do this by making strategic investments in housing and capital projects to ultimately connect where people live to where they work, play, and experience community.

We and our partner County departments operate a number of programs providing regulatory incentives and financing to promote and assist in the development and preservation of housing that is affordable, available, and accessible to the County’s low-income and workforce residents.

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    Learn more about the Commission's primary funding sources for Housing and Neighborhood Investments and subscribe for notices of funding availability.

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    Solicitations for specialized services and qualified candidates who can help us achieve our goal of creating pathways to housing and services. 

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Diedre Duncan

Affordable Housing Director

Sonoma County Community Development Commission

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Income and Rent Limits

Income and Rent Limits
Maximum household income and rent cost to be eligible for programs administered by the Sonoma County Community Development Commission.

Roseland Village Development

The Roseland Village Development Project

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Learn more about the Roseland Village Development project

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