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Property Owners and Managers

As an Owner, Landlord, or Property Manager you can be part of the solution to the affordable housing crisis in our area and help to change lives for the better.

Property owners participating in the program operate in the same way as a property owner in the private market. The owner must sign a rental agreement or lease with the Section 8 participant. The property owner agrees to provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing as confirmed by regular HA inspections. The principle benefit to the property owner for participating in the program is that the federal government guarantees a portion of the rent.

For more information, see our Owner's Manual or contact LandlordLine@sonoma-county.org

Roles and Responsibilities

SCHA Relationships

Property Owner Responsibilities

  • Perform all management and rental functions for the assisted unit, including screening and selection of tenants.
  • Maintain the unit in accordance with Housing Quality Standards (HQS), including performance of maintenance.
  • Comply with equal opportunity/fair housing requirements.
  • Prepare information required under the Housing Assistance Payments contract and furnish the information to the Housing Authority
  • Collect from the renter: security deposit, tenant portion of the rent, any charges for damages to the unit.
  • Enforce the tenant obligations under the lease.
  • Pay for utilities and services agreed upon in the lease.

Housing Authority Responsibilities

  • Make rent assistance payments to the landlord in a timely manner.
  • Regularly evaluate family eligibility.
  • Inspect units at least once every two years.
  • Investigate potential fraud or program abuse by tenants or landlords.
  • Provide quality customer service to Section 8 landlords and tenants.
  • Notify landlord of any change in subsidy amount. Tenant Responsibilities

Tenant Responsibilities

  • Supply information determined necessary by the Housing Authority or HUD to administer the program, including completion of scheduled income reviews.
  • Pay utilities that are not supplied by the landlord.
  • Provide and maintain the appliances for which they are responsible.
  • Correct damages inflicted to unit by family member or guest, in specified time period.
  • May not commit serious or repeated violation(s) of the lease.
  • Notify Housing Authority and the owner 30 (no more than 60) days in advance, prior to moving or terminating the lease.

Contact Information

Martha Cheever
Housing Authority Manager
Community Development Commission
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Housing Authority Administrative Plan

The purpose of the administrative plan is to establish policies for carrying out the programs in a manner consistent with HUD requirements and local goals contained in our agency's plan.

Housing Authority Admin Plan
Last updated December 2020

FY 2021 PHA Annual Plan

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