Happy Thanksgiving from UCCE Sonoma County

In the interest of a very tasty Thanksgiving feast, we challenge you to use local produce, meats, and value add products as much as possible.

For the turkey, there are a variety of options available from free range heritage breeds to conventionally raised. You can pick up fresh local vegetables and fruits and crunchy breads at farmers markets and local markets or visit the farms and don't forget to pick up some tasty cheeses and butter along the way. Purchase some extra squash for table decorations. How about some fresh squeezed local juices, too. And don't forget some Sonoma County wine!

If you are fortunate enough to live in or have the opportunity to visit and shop in Sonoma County, visit the Farm Trails site to Find Our Farms & Produce by Criteria and California Cheese Trail. Both include maps and Farm Trails site lets you search by a variety of criterion including product type, region, method and more.

It is entirely possible to create a traditional, or un-traditional, Thanksgiving dinner using all local products (well, except the cranberries). Fresher products, reduced carbon footprint and supporting our agricultural heritage are just a few of the benefits of locally sourcing your meals. Your taste buds will thank you.

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