Electronic signatures on marriage licenses

wedding bandsThe Sonoma County Clerk-Recorder’s Office is proud to announce the authorization by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) of usage of electronic signatures on marriage licenses, based upon the success of a pilot program with Sonoma County.

The Sonoma County Clerk-Recorder’s Office is responsible for issuing and registering marriage licenses. The office issues over 3,200 marriage licenses annually, and then registers them in a separate process when a license is returned after the ceremony.

The system used in the Clerk-Recorder’s Office has the ability to capture digitized signatures of staff members and print them on forms issued by the system. The signatures are unique to the log in and password of each staff member, and there is no ability to print another person’s signature. Electronic signatures were being used for form letters, fictitious business names and certifications to the California Secretary of State, and met legal security requirements set by the state.

Sonoma County proposed a pilot program to CDPH, wherein the issuing and registering clerk signatures on the marriage license would be applied digitally by the system and would no longer be able to be omitted. The state agreed to allow Sonoma County to issue licenses with digitized staff signatures while they studied the results. In September, CDPH consulted with the Sonoma County Clerk-Recorder’s Office to gather information regarding the success of the program, and subsequently issued an all-county letter authorizing the usage of electronic signatures on marriage licenses throughout the state.

Utilizing electronic signatures on marriage licenses furthers the Sonoma County Strategic Plan by investing in the future by enhancing systems to save money in the long term.

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