ABA Recognizes Upstream Investments Efforts to End Poverty

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As part of its online quilt of community discussions, “Operationalizing a New Anti-Poverty Agenda,” The American Bar Association (ABA) Commission on Homelessness & Poverty lists Sonoma County’s Upstream Investments as one of the promising programs nationwide.

HSD Assistant Director Oscar Chavez also addressed the ABA’s 2016 Annual Meeting in August as one of three RISE Together Bay Area panelists for the session, “Anti-Poverty Community Roundtable: A Conversation with Local Experts on the Bay Area’s Innovative Roadmap to Cut Poverty.” The ABA Commission on Homelessness & Poverty’s national initiative aims at galvanizing the legal community to support local anti-poverty efforts across the country.  

Chavez is a Steering Council member of Rise Together, a cross-organization, -sector, -county anti-poverty coalition that aims to cut local poverty in half by 2020. He discussed the need to shift toward “whole family” strategies that are prevention-focused and evidence-informed to reduce long-term societal costs and improve outcomes for families. After discussion, the attendees expressed interest in helping scale up Sonoma County’s innovative Upstream Investments approach.

The ABA’s Anti-Poverty Quilt of programs is named to reflect that, when all members of society join to address a community issue, the process is similar to assembling pieces of a quilt: many voices, differing perspectives and unique expertise, but one common goal. The Anti-Poverty quilt links Upstream Investments with other nationwide efforts to end poverty.

To learn more about the ABA Commission and its efforts to educate about how the legal community and advocates can assist those in need, visit http://www.americanbar.org/groups/public_services/homelessness_poverty.html.

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