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The ability of the County to serve the residents of Sonoma County and provide for a thriving and sustainable community requires support from all levels of government. Local government is uniquely and best positioned to support, serve, and respond to community and individual needs. However, State and Federal legislative policy and action is often needed to support local government in having this impact. State and Federal action can affect the County's ability to deliver services, shape what services the County delivers, impact the resources available for services, and remove obstacles to delivering services.

In order to fulfill Sonoma County's commitment to the community, positive State and Federal action including the allocation of resources should be sought. Sonoma County has engaged with legislative advocates at the State and Federal level, resulting in the accomplishment of legislative priorities and positioning Sonoma County to receive significant financial resources.

To this end, Sonoma County adopts a legislative platform that provides a guide for Sonoma County's legislative advocates, and highlights key issues important to the local community. The platform provides 10 over-arching guiding principles, prioritizes State and Federal issues intended for specific legislative action, and lays out ongoing general State and Federal issues that the County will monitor for potential action should opportunities arise.

2017-2018 State and Federal Legislative Program

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State and Federal Legislative Program