Policy, Grants, and Special Projects

Priority Projects for Recovery and Resiliency

Through input from Block Captains and Board Members, 10 Priority Projects have been identified:

  1. Establish an Alert and Warning System 
  2. Work with the community to identify hazards, risks, mitigation strategies, including evacuation routes
  3. Facilitate construction hardening techniques appropriate for wildfire urban interfaces and seismic retrofits for rebuilding and for existing homes through education and grant programs. 
  4. Work with private utility providers on solutions related to hardening infrastructure and on coping with destroyed utilities in a disaster, including underground where appropriate and necessary. 
  5. Help property owners navigate vegetation management opportunities through partnership with Fire Safe Sonoma and similar programs.
  6. Continue to advocate for substantive changes to insurance regulations.
  7. Community Awareness strategies we’ve been doing such as the recent mailers on Watershed Protection and Defensible Space. 
  8. Expedited Permitting for homeowners who are rebuilding
  9. Enhance the 2-1-1 System 
  10. Develop a One-Stop Shop Resource Center

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