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External Funding Opportunities

Recovery and Resiliency is working with Sonoma County departments and agencies to pursue all available recovery-related external funding opportunities. That includes applying for federal Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery funds, the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program and state grants and funding.

  • FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
    • The October 2017 fires and the December 2017 Southern California fires both became Presidential Disaster Declarations, and as a result they generated FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funding. The October 2017 fires, also known as DR-4344, had $333 million in HMGP available statewide, with applications due July 2 and September 4. The December fires, also known as DR-4353, had $56 million in HMGP available statewide, with applications due September 4. County Departments and Districts submitted 20 grant applications to the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) for this program. The countywide Grant Steering Committee worked with Departments and Districts to prioritize feasible grant applications based on success criteria, match funding sources, and leadership priorities.
    • DR-4344 Round 1 HMGP Applications – 8 applications submitted on July 2
    • $17.4 million in total project costs ($13.1 million in federal share, $4.3 million in local match). $500,000 in general fund match.
    • Applications submitted by Community Development Commission (1), General Services (1), Sonoma County Water Agency (3), and Transportation and Public Works (3)
    • DR-4353 HMGP Applications – one application submitted on September 4
      • $850,000 in total project cost ($637,500 in federal share, $212,500 in local match). $212,500 in general fund match.
      • Application submitted by Fire and Emergency Services (1)
    • DR-4344 Round 2 HMGP Applications – 11 applications submitted on September 4
      • $21.4 million in total project costs ($16 million in federal share, $5.4 million in local match). $4.5 million in general fund match.
      • Applications submitted by Fire and Emergency Services (1), General Services (1), Information Systems Department (1), Regional Parks (1), Permit Sonoma (4), Sonoma Water (1), and Transportation and Public Works (2)

        The next steps are for Cal OES to complete its review of the applications and determine which to submit to FEMA for review and final approval. All projects receiving HMGP funding must be completed within three years from the date of award. 

        HMGP for DR-4382: The 2018 wildfires in Lake and Shasta County have become known as DR-4382, and also became a Presidential Disaster Declaration. This opened up HMGP funding and Notices of Interest (NOI) were due October 5, 2018. The Information Systems Department submitted 4 NOIs, and Sonoma Water submitted one NOI.

    • FEMA Public Assistance
    • The Disaster Finance Team (the Auditor-Controller Treasurer-Tax Collector, County Administrator’s Office, and County Counsel) is working with FEMA and Cal OES to claim reimbursement for response and recovery costs associated with the October 2017 fires. These claims are being submitted through the FEMA Public Assistance Program. The Disaster Finance Team estimates the County’s total disaster related costs qualifying for FEMA’s Public Assistance Program will be approximately $37 million, of which we anticipate the County will be reimbursed approximately $36 million over the next 2 to 5 years. FEMA has obligated 13 of the 22 projects and the County has received $9.1 million in expedited reimbursement funding and $246,000 for small permanent projects managed by Regional Parks and Transportation and Public Works.
    • CAL FIRE Grants for Fire Prevention
      • The CAL FIRE Fire Prevention grant program, funded by the California Climate Investments (CCI) fund, aims to reduce the risk of wildland fires to habitable structures and communities, while maximizing carbon sequestration in healthy wildland habitat and minimizing the uncontrolled release of emissions by wildfires. CAL FIRE anticipates applications will be due December 19.  Recovery and Resiliency is tracking this opportunity and coordinating with applicable County Departments and partners to begin considering applications.

        In Summer 2018, CAL FIRE opened the Fire Prevention program for FY 17-18; grant applications were due June 6, 2018.  Two grants were submitted by County departments to the CAL FIRE Fire Prevention grant program:

      • 1. Northwest Roadway Safety, Fuels Reduction, and Community Chipper and Engagement Project (Transportation and Public Works is the lead, in partnership with Fire and Emergency Services and Fire Safe Sonoma)

        Total: $1,237,541; CAL FIRE $1,082,969; Match: $154,57
        Match source: $131,300 is from General Fund FY 2018 set aside; $23,272 from in-kind volunteer labor tracked by Fire Safe Sonoma
        On August 3, 2018, CAL FIRE informed TPW that their Fire Prevention application was selected for funding. TPW and FES are partners on the project.

      • 2. Sonoma County Parks and Open Space Fire Resilience Planning (Regional Parks is lead, in partnership with Open Space District).

        Total: $593,537; CAL FIRE: $511,920; Match: $81,618
        Match source: Open Space staff time
        On August 8, 2018, CAL FIRE informed Regional Parks that their project was not selected for funding at this time.

    • Community Planning Assistance for Wildfire
      The Community Planning Assistance for Wildfire (CPAW) program works with communities to reduce wildfire risk through improved land use planning. Applications were due October 5, 2018, and selected communities receive planning assistance at no cost. Permit Sonoma, Fire and Emergency Services, and Recovery and Resiliency worked together to submit an application. If awarded, the CPAW program would provide planning technical expertise throughout 2019 for our community’s wildfire planning priorities. For examples of CPAW projects, go to https://planningforwildfire.org/community-projects/.
    • Coordinate other Recovery-Related Grant and External Funding Opportunities
       Recovery and Resiliency is tracking, investigating, and coordinating other grant opportunities for recovery-related priorities as well. When new opportunities are announced, Grant Summaries and targeted information is provided to County Departments. A comprehensive list of recovery-related external funding opportunities is being developed within the County Administrator’s Office, and the status of actions taken is being tracked.

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