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Project Charter


The Chair of the Board of Supervisors has formed a Fire Services Ad-Hoc Committee to address the nature of fire services in the County, particularly in the unincorporated areas. The intended outcome is a more effective and efficient fire system in Sonoma County. The Ad Hoc Committee will address some immediate challenges, as well as establish a longer-term process which builds on historical and recent efforts to improve fire governance.

This effort will keep three principles in mind to guide decisions:

  1. Any decisions should result in a quality of service that equals or exceeds the level that would exist without changes.
  2. Any decisions should improve the cost effectiveness of fire services.
  3. Any decisions will be made with a County-wide view. For example, the base property tax revenue for CSA 40 will be considered as one “pool” of funding.

Committee Members

County Department Resources

  • Veronica Ferguson, County Administrator
  • Chris Thomas, Assistant County Administrator
  • Peter Bruland, Administrative Analyst
  • Al Terrell, Director, Fire and Emergency Services


  • Fire Chiefs
  • Fire Boards
  • Fire Labor (VFC’s, FPD’s, cities)
  • Ambulance Providers
  • Ambulance Provider Boards
  • Ambulance Labor
  • CSA 40
  • Coastal Valleys EMS