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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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  • Are the Cloverdale and Geyserville Fire Protection Districts in negotiations with the County?

    County staff are involved with conversations with both districts about the districts’ future plans, but no specific negotiations are currently underway.
  • Are the cities in Sonoma County going to be involved in this project and if so, how?

    All the cities are invited to participate because they are valuable partners in the mutual aid system that is in place today for fire and emergency medical services. Each city has indicated interest in participating.
  • Are the reporting services tools used by the fire service and other data sources intended to be used for this project reliable?

    While there may be some data errors, we believe that the sources will be reliable enough for the purposes of this project.
  • Are there any precedents for working with an advisory group as large as the one proposed for this project?

    Yes. One example was the EMS redesign and Future vision process and another was the Environmental Management Task Force.
  • Can a local fire protection district board of directors or the Board of Supervisors decide not to approve some recommendations?

  • Could the project help find resources for a district that wanted to remain independent?

    Yes, it is a possible outcome that some additional resources will be found for independent districts.
  • Could this project result in additional funding for independent districts?

  • How are we going to learn from the successes of the previous studies?

    The project scope includes a summarization of the previous studies findings and recommendations and what became of them. This will be used along with data collected and analyzed today as information to assist in developing recommendations.
  • How do decisions get made for the deployment of resources?

    Generally, it depends on the type of incident, various applicable standards, and who is currently available to assist. Individual agencies put together plans for how to deploy resources for incidents by type in their area and dispatchers and responders communicate as they use the plans to deploy resources to a specific incident. To get a more detailed understanding of how this works one should contact their local fire or emergency medical service provider.
  • How does CALfire fit into this project?

    Similar to the cities, CALFire is a valuable partner to all local fire agencies in the county. They have specific responsibilities for types of incidents such as wildland fires and as other fire service providers through contracts with different agencies in the county. They are participating in the project along with the local fire agencies.
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