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Advisory Committee

A very important part of this project is an Advisory Committee who will help us ensure that we look at all the key questions and information in all of the phases of the project but particularly in Phase 2 where we will, with the committee’s help, develop a set of consensus recommendations. 

We do not have any preconceived ideas of what those recommendations will be but staff is confident that if all of the advisory committee members approach the project following the guiding principles:

  • Decisions should result in quality of service equal to or better than current levels,
  • Should improve cost effectiveness, and
  • Should be made with a County-wide view and seeking consensus

The set of recommendations that are developed will ensure an efficient, effective, and sustainable fire service in the county for the years ahead. 

Committee membership is open to all stakeholder groups and there is no specific number of seats for any region or stakeholder group.  All interested parties who are willing to make the requisite time commitment and to approach the effort as noted above should contact Peter Bruland at so that they can be included on the Committee. 

Time commitment: anticipated to be 2-4 hours per month for meetings plus a similar amount of time for reading in between meetings.  Advance readings may take a little more time in the early months of the project.

Staff will facilitate long distance participation in meetings and the committee itself will develop methods of organization once meetings begin.  At this time meetings are tentatively scheduled for evenings of the fourth Tuesday of each month beginning in October and continuing through calendar 2015. 

This information is subject to change, particularly after the committee begins its work.  In the future, committee members and summaries of each of the meetings will be available here.