• Helicopter over Fire

Fire Services Project

The County Board of Supervisors has approved a project to seek a more effective, efficient, and sustainable fire service system in the county, particularly the unincorporated areas.  While it is their belief that the many volunteers and professionals provide excellent services today, there are concerns about financial stresses that many of the agencies face.

The goal of the project is to develop recommendations for the Board of Supervisors with the assistance of community stakeholders to ensure that the fire services system in the county is sustainable into the future.

Sonoma County Wildfire Prevention, Emergency Alert and Response Measure

The Board of Supervisors will introduce an Ordinance, entitled the “ Sonoma County Wildfire Prevention, Emergency Alert and Response Measure” imposing a countywide ½-cent special Transactions and Use Tax (Sales Tax) until repealed by the voters of Sonoma County, pursuant to the authority granted by Revenue and Taxation Code Section 7285.5.  The ordinance if adopted, will be placed on the Ballot at the March 3, 2020 election, and will become effective if it is approved by two-thirds of (2/3) of the voters voting on the measure.

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