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Sonoma Complete Count Committee (SCCC)

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As a voluntary body, the Sonoma Complete Count Committee (SCCC) seeks to bring together a cross-section of local leaders and organizations interested in supporting a complete and accurate count in Sonoma County through a coordinated and aligned outreach targeting the Hard to Count (HTC) Communities in Sonoma County. SCCC members will be able to voluntarily serve until the census takes place and the Non Response Follow Up (NRFU) period is over. The goal of the SCCC is to contribute to an impactful 2020 census awareness campaign so that every Sonoma County resident is counted once, only once, and in the right place.

SCCC members and subcommittees will have specific sector expertise that intersect with HTC communities. They are trusted messengers and leaders with important roles in education, health, media, local business, workforce development, government, cities, tribal affairs, faith-based communities, philanthropy, public service, etc.

SCCC members’ role

  • Be willing and able to serve until the census is over and encourage all communities, particularly HTC communities, to participate in Census 2020
  • Participate in SCCC meetings and solutions sessions, and work with fellow SCCC members to offer expertise and insights on leading a successful outreach, including during the (NRFU) period
  • Contribute to census outreach efforts throughout the County by leveraging their resources, programs and events
  • Collaborate with the County, Administrative Community Based Organization (ACBO) and fellow SCCC members to optimize efforts and align outreach
  • Mobilize volunteer networks for grass-roots outreach efforts
  • Support coordination and reporting processes

Role of County and ACBO within the SCCC

As the SCCC co-facilitators, the County of Sonoma and the ACBO, United Way of the Wine Country, will:

  • Encourage Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and all other local stakeholders interested in Census 2020 outreach to participate in the SCCC
  • Convene the first SCCC informational session and subsequent periodic meetings
  • Share continuous updates on current Census progress as well as tools and outreach materials provided by the California Census Office and the US Census bureau
  • Propose meeting schedules, and confirm activities timeline and follow ups with fellow SCCC members
  • Invite each SCCC member to contribute to a master calendar of events, and share a list of outreach actions to be rolled out during the outreach phase
  • Work with SCCC members to execute an aligned and coordinated outreach plan, and leverage the County’s expertise and resources as feasible
  • Consolidate outreach feedback and ensure SCCC members are kept informed of challenges and successes
  • Share Final HTC outreach strategic plan, implementation plan and periodic reports with fellow SCCC members

Who are the Hard to Count Groups

The organizations and community leaders who constitute the SCCC will utilize their local knowledge, expertise, and influence to help design and implement a coordinated census awareness campaign targeting hard to count (HTC) populations.

These HTC communities are:

  • Latinos
  • African-Americans
  • Native Americans and Tribal Communities
  • Asian-Americans & Pacific Islanders (API)
  • Middle-Eastern North Africans (MENA)
  • Immigrants and Refugees
  • Farm-workers
  • People with Disabilities
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ)
  • Seniors/Older Adults
  • Homeless Individuals 
  • Children Ages 0-5
  • Veterans
  • Areas with low broadband subscription rates and limited or no access
  • Households with limited English proficiency
  • Other Demographic Population (as identified by SCCC)

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