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5-1 Vehicle Use -
Authorized Use of County Vehicles

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Approved: Board of Supervisors August 23, 2003
Authority: County Administrator
Resolution: 03-1000
Revised Date: July 27, 2004

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Section II, 3: Policy, Authorized Use of County Vehicles

  1. Authorization:  County owned vehicles shall be driven only by appropriately licensed and authorized County officers or employees or other authorized persons. Authorization shall be by the appropriate department head, County Administrator, or Board of Supervisors. 
  2. Authorized Riders:  No person shall be permitted to ride in a County vehicle unless such person is a County officer or employee on official County business, is a person conducting official County business for or with the County, or is a passenger authorized to be in said vehicle by the responsible department head, County Administrator or Board of Supervisors. 
  3. County Business Use Only:  County vehicles shall be used for official County business only. 
  4. Volunteers:  Volunteers listed with the County’s Human Resources Volunteer Coordinator and assigned to a specific program may be authorized by the department head to drive County vehicles in their volunteer status. The Department is responsible to insure that volunteers have the appropriate driver’s license for the vehicle they are driving. Volunteers are required to follow all driving rules as outlined in this policy. 
  5. Extra Help Employees:  Extra Help and Agency Extra Help employees may be authorized to drive County vehicles with the approval of the department head. The Department is responsible to insure that Extra Help and Agency Extra Help employees have the appropriate driver’s license for the vehicle they are driving. 
  6. Independent Contractors: Independent Contractors are not authorized to drive County vehicles even if the vehicle will be used only on official County business. Requests for exceptions shall be approved by County Counsel and conditions for use written into the agreement for services. 
  7. Other Local Agencies:  Employees of other local public agencies or (local community based organizations) may be authorized use of County vehicles if there is a written agreement between the County and the agency or organization that states that the use of the County vehicle is authorized by a County Department for a program related to County business and after the agency or organization has met the County’s insurance requirements.

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