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Actions for June 10 2021

Roll Call

Caitlin Cornwall
Gina Belforte
Cameron Mauritson
Eric Koenigshofer
Larry Reed, Chair

Staff Members

Scott Orr
Sou Garner
Scott Davidson
Alexandria Sullivan, Secretary
Christa Shaw, Chief Deputy County Counsel

Board of Zoning Adjustments Regular Calendar

Item Number: 1
Time:1:05 PM
File Number: UPE18-0054
Applicant: Michael Swicegood
Owner: Michael Swicegood
Staff: Sou Garner
Cont. from:

Not applicable

Env Doc:

Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND)


Request for a Use Permit to allow for a 3-phase, 10.33-acre cemetery, with an above-ground columbarium, on a 21-acre parcel over the course of 86 years. Phase 1 includes demolition of an existing barn and garage; construction of 960-square foot refrigeration building and a 960-square foot equipment storage building; construction of an access road between planned monument area and Stony Point Road; and creation of a 2.46-acre cemetery burial area. Phase II includes construction of a memorial plaza and an additional 5.3 acres of cemetery burial area. Phase III includes an additional 2.31 acres of cemetery area. The applicant estimates that burial services, a central part of cemetery operations, will typically be attended by five to 25 people for a duration of less than an hour. Cemetery activities will also include an annual event after Easter. At full operation, as many as 150 people may visit the cemetery through the course of the day. The applicant estimates that there will be up to three larger grave site services annually with attendance that exceeds the defined five to 25 people.


3367 Stony Point Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95407



District: 5

Agriculture and Residential District (AR), 5-acre density (B6 5), and Valley Oak Habitat Combining District (VOH)


Commissioner Koenigshofer motioned to approve the project as recommended with modified condition. Seconded by Commissioner Belforte and approved with a 5-0-0 vote.

Appeal Deadline:10 Days
Resolution No:20-006
Commissioner CornwallAye
Commissioner BelforteAye
Commissioner MauritsonAye
Commissioner KoenigshoferAye
Commissioner Tamura, ChairAye

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