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Actions for August 13, 2020

Roll Call
Caitlin Cornwall
Paula Cook
Cameron Mauritson
John Lowry
Larry Reed, Chair

Staff Members
Scott Orr
Justin Klaparda
Scott Davidson
John Mack
Arielle Wright, Secretary
 Sita Kuteira, Deputy County Counsel

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Item Number: 1
Time:1:40 PM
File Number: UPC17-0013
Applicant: Poole Ridge Farms, LLC
Owner:Poole Ridge Farms, LLC, Ghassan Murad
Staff: Justin Klaparda
Con’t from:Not applicable
Env Doc:

Categorical Exemption


Request for a five-year limited term Use Permit for a cannabis operation, including 15,000 square feet of outdoor cannabis on a 57.99 -acre parcel.


2425 Pool Ridge Road, Guerneville



District: 5

RRD (Resources and Rural Development), B6 (160-acre maximum density), SR (Scenic Resources)


Commissioner Lowry motioned to approve the project as recommended with revised findings. Seconded by Commissioner Mauritson and approved with a 5-0-0 vote.

Appeal Deadline:10 Days
Resolution No:20-009
Commissioner CornwallAye
Commissioner CookAye
Commissioner MauritsonAye
Commissioner LowryAye
Commissioner ReedAye

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