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Supervisor Shirlee Zane
Third District

Supervisorial District 3 Map The 3rd district’s northern boundary is Mark West Springs Road. Most of central Santa Rosa, east to Los Olivos and Farmers Lane and west to Piner, Marlow and Link Lane lie within the Third District. The City of Rohnert Park east of Highway 101 and Sonoma State University mark the southern end of the district 3.

Sonoma County and IBM Working Together to Change Lives

Coordinating care across County departments to provide better services for the most vulnerable members of our community. A great example of a successful collaboration between government and the private sector.

    Contact Information

    Business Hours
    Monday – Friday
    8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Contact us by Phone
    Board of Supervisors
    575 Administration Drive
    Room 100 A
    Santa Rosa, CA 95403
    38.464626, -122.725441

    Elected Term in Office

    Term of Office

    4 Years

    Elected to Office

    November 2008, and June 2012, June 2016

    Current Term

    Began January 2017

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    Adoptable Animals

    Pet of the Week -

    Dogs, cats, rabbits, and more…See all the animals available at Sonoma County Animal Services

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    Love Me. License Me

    Love Me. License Me

    It’s now quick easy to license your dog online!

    Sonoma County Safe Streets Coalition

    A Task Force Formed by Sonoma County Supervisor Shirlee Zane

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    Focused on making our streets safer for pedestrians and bike riders.

    Smart Phone,
    Dumb Move

    Listen to this new radio spot featuring Santa Rosa teens. It's an important message to share with friends.

    Audio transcription

    Protect our Pedestrians –
    Take the Pledge

    I am sponsoring my own No Phone Zone Pledge. My goal is
    to bring 1,000 Sonoma County drivers into the No Phone Zone. Please join me in doing your part to end distracted driving and protect Sonoma County's pedestrians.

    Immigration Policy and Services, Community Meetings

    Immigration Initiative

    Statue of Liberty Flaming Torch

    Visit our Immigration Initiative page

    Safe Sonoma County - Humans of Sonoma County

    This video is a production of the Sonoma County Commission on Human Rights and Supervisor Zane is grateful for the service of her current representatives on the Commission: Alana Bjorkquist and Akash Kalia.

    Humans of Sonoma County video

    Unaccompanied, Undocumented Immigrant Children Facing Deportation