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Annual Reports

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors appoints members to 75 Boards, Commissions, Committees, and Task Forces. The attached reports provide a summary of activities reported by these bodies, along with information regarding the purpose of each body. Through appointments to Boards, Commissions, Committees, and Task Forces, the Board of Supervisors invites volunteers from throughout the County to provide input on decisions of topics of interest to the individuals, bringing a broader perspective to the Board’s decision making process.

The Boards, Commissions, Committees and Task Forces are established by either state law or by local Board action in fulfill a broad scope of functions, usually in specific topical areas. The activities of these bodies support and inform the work of almost every department in the County to varying degrees.

The Board of Supervisors has the authority to appoint all members to some of these Boards, especially those Boards that directly serve County functions. This includes the Assessment Appeals Board, The Commission on Human Rights, and the Veteran’s Memorial Building Advisory committee, as examples. For other Boards, such as the Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County and the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District Board, the Board of Supervisors has the authority to appoint members to specific seats on the Board, with other appointments coming from other entities. These Boards often support more regional programs.

2016 Annual Report (PDF: 2.36 MB

2015 Annual Report (PDF: 480 kB

2014 Annual Report (PDF: 1.71 MB

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