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XI. Participation of the Public

Rule 45. Public Comment / Time Limits

Members of the public have the right to address the Board on any item within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board (Government Code §54954.3). Members of the public shall direct their comments to the Chair who may, at his or her discretion, request a response from staff. Time limitations are at the discretion of the Chair, and may be reduced or extended.

Public comments on items on the agenda will be called prior to the Board taking action on the item.

Under the Public Comments portion of the meeting, members of the public will be allowed to address the Board regarding any item not on the agenda. No action may be taken on items not on the agenda unless authorized by law.

Rule 46. Orderly Conduct

The Chair may determine when orderly conduct of a meeting is not feasible owing to disruptive behavior by persons in attendance. The Chair may request that person(s) disrupting the meeting leave the chambers/meeting room. If order cannot be restored, the Chair may order the chambers/meeting room cleared and continue in session. Members of the news media, except those participating in the disturbance, shall be allowed to remain. The Chair may re-admit any person(s) provided their re-admission will not disrupt the continued orderly conduct of business. The Chair may also call a recess and reconvene when order has been restored.

Rule 47. Security and Prohibition of Banners/Signs or other Hazardous Objects

The Board has the power to implement security measures in the chambers/meeting room. Signs, posters, banners or other hazardous objects which could impair the safety of individuals in the event of an emergency are prohibited in the chambers/meeting room. Any large object/container that may be deemed a hazardous object which could impair the safety of individuals in the event of an emergency may be prohibited in the chambers/meeting room.

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