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IX. Committees

Rule 40. Board Committees/Assignments and Reporting Requirements

The Clerk shall maintain a list of Board Committees and Assignments. Annually, the incoming Chair shall review the list of Committees and Assignments and shall determine which members to appoint for the upcoming year. The list of appointments shall be adopted by the Board at their first meeting in January.

All members who are assigned to special projects, committees, and separate boards or commissions shall provide regular reports to the full Board regarding their activity in connection with the special projects, committees, and separate boards or commissions.(Government Code §53234, et. seq.).

Committee members shall call board committee meetings as needed provided they are held in conformance with the law. The County Administrator's Office and County Counsel shall serve as support staff to all Board committees. Other department heads and/or staff may also support as requested by the committee.

Rule 41. Standing Committees

Standing committees are those which have continuing jurisdiction over a particular subject matter or whose meeting schedule is fixed by resolution or action of the Board. Even if comprised of less than a quorum of the Board, a standing committee is subject to the Brown Act.

The Chair shall appoint members to each standing committee. Generally, appointments shall occur at the Board's first regular meeting in January. All standing committees shall be appointed for the calendar year, and the members shall continue as committee members until their successors have been appointed.

Rule 42. Ad-Hoc Committees

Ad-Hoc committees are not subject to the Brown Act. They may be formed by the Chair or Board action, shall be solely composed of members of the board, less than a quorum of the board, shall serve a limited or single purpose, for a limited time, and shall be dissolved once the specific task assigned is completed.

Ad-Hoc Committees are encouraged to conclude their business at the end of each calendar year. The Clerk will maintain a current index of Ad-Hoc Committees and their purpose.

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