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Crop Reports

Each year the Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner releases a report on agricultural production in the county.

2017 Crop Report

crop_report_2017_120.jpgThe reported value for agricultural production in 2017 was $894,182,900 representing a 0.45% decrease from 2016.  This report reflects only gross production values and does not represent or reflect net profit or loss experienced by individual growers or by the industry, or the costs associated with production and marketing.

The 2017 Crop Report honors Sonoma County Farm Trails.  Since 1973, Sonoma County Farm Trails has fostered a connection between farmers and consumers and has played an important role in educating the public about how their food is produced.  In addition, Sonoma County Farm Trails has been a pioneer in agritourism while advocating for farmers and sustainable agriculture.

It’s Crop Report Time!

We are conducting our annual survey for the Sonoma County Agricultural Crop Report. If you are an agricultural producer, it is important that we receive your production figures for 2018. The accuracy of our report depends on your participation. All information you provide is kept strictly confidential, and only grand totals are made public. The Sonoma County Agricultural Crop Report promotes the value and importance of our County’s agricultural industry. Please complete any applicable survey from the list below. It should include only what was grown by you in Sonoma County during 2018.

Every response is important. The Crop Report is a valuable publication and is widely distributed to public officials and government agencies, as well as many businesses interested in agriculture. All past Crop Reports can be viewed below.

Please complete all applicable surveys from the list below and click the Submit button to send your responses via email. Or, if you prefer, you may print the survey and fax it to (707) 565-3850. Please submit your responses by February 15, 2019. Again, please include only what was grown by you in Sonoma County during 2018.

We appreciate your participation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Pierpaolo Aymar at (707) 565-2371 or via email at

  1. Apple Production Survey (PDF: 372 kB)
  2. Egg and Poultry Production Survey (PDF: 370 kB)
  3. Field Crops and Pasture Rangeland Production Survey (PDF: 453 kB)
  4. Livestock Survey (PDF: 401 kB)
  5. Nursery Products Survey (PDF: 429 kB)
  6. Olive and Apiary Production Survey (PDF: 392 kB)
  7. Vegetable, Fruit, Nut, Eggs, and Cut Flower Production Survey (PDF: 377 kB)
  • title-of-crop-report-2016.jpg

    The reported total value for 2016 was $898,125,200, which represents a 17% increase from our 2015 value of $766,271,000.

  • 2015 Sonoma County Crop Report title page

    The reported total value for 2015 was $756,508,500, which represents a 14% decrease from our 2014 value of $879,665,400.

  • 2014 Sonoma County Crop Report title page

    The reported total value for 2014 was $899,015,400, which represents a nearly 6% increase from our 2013 value of $848,323,400. 

  • 2013 Sonoma County Crop Report title page

    The reported total value for 2013 was $848,323,200, representing a slight increase of 4% from the 2012 value of $812,726,100.

  • 2012 Sonoma County Crop Report title page

    The reported value for 2012 was $821,345,000, which is an increase of approximately 41% from the 2011 value of $581,081,700.

  • 2011 Sonoma County Crop Report title page

    The reported value for 2011 was $581,031,700, which is a decrease of 1.7% from the 2010 value of $591,222,000.

  • 2010 Sonoma County Crop Report title page

    The reported value for 2010 was $593,821,700, which is a decrease of 8.6% from the 2009 value of $649,517,900.

Older Crop Reports

For accessibility assistance with some of the older and scanned documents, please
contact the Department of Agriculture / Weights & Measures at Phone: (707) 565-2371
2000's Crop Reports1990's Crop Reports
2009 Crop Report (PDF: 1.53MB)1999 Crop Report(PDF: 3.67MB)
2008 Crop Report (PDF:1.49MB)1998 Crop Report(PDF: 5.72MB)
2007 Crop Report (PDF: 1.46MB)1997 Crop Report(PDF: 5.09MB)
2006 Crop Report (PDF: 2.78MB)1996 Crop Report(PDF: 5.44MB)
2005 Crop Report(PDF: 4.27MB)1995 Crop Report(PDF: 6.72MB)
2004 Crop Report (PDF: 666kB)1994 Crop Report(PDF: 6.50MB)
2003 Crop Report (PDF: 826kB)1993 Crop Report(PDF: 6.16MB)
2002 Crop Report (PDF: 841kB)1992 Crop Report(PDF: 5.67MB)
2001 Crop Report (PDF: 1.21MB)1991 Crop Report(PDF: 4.95MB)
2000 Crop Report(PDF: 4.21MB)1990 Crop Report(PDF: 1.40MB)
1980' s Crop Reports1970's Crop Reports
1989 Crop Report(PDF: 1.60MB)1979 Crop Report(PDF: 881kB)
1988 Crop Report(PDF: 525kB)1978 Crop Report(PDF: 338kB)
1987 Crop Report(PDF: 991kB)1977 Crop Report(PDF: 384kB)
1986 Crop Report(PDF: 500kB)1976 Crop Report(PDF: 707kB)
1985 Crop Report(PDF: 826kB)1975 Crop Report(PDF: 378kB)
1984 Crop Report(PDF: 246kB)1974 Crop Report(PDF: 582kB)
1983 Crop Report(PDF: 465kB)1973 Crop Report(PDF: 959kB)
1982 Crop Report(PDF: 225kB)1972 Crop Report(PDF: 931kB)
1981 Crop Report(PDF: 458kB)1971 Crop Report(PDF: 893kB)
1980 Crop Report(PDF: 2.22MB)1970 Crop Report(PDF: 904kB)
1960's Crop Reports1950's Crop Reports
1969 Crop Report(PDF: 733kB)1959 Crop Report(PDF: 2.28MB)
1968 Crop Report(PDF: 608kB)1958 Crop Report(PDF: 1.28MB)
1967 Crop Report(PDF: 813kB)1957 Crop Report(PDF: 1.57MB)
1966 Crop Report(PDF: 658kB)1956 Crop Report(PDF: 1.44MB)
1965 Crop Report(PDF: 477kB)1955 Crop Report(PDF: 1.82MB)
1964 Crop Report(PDF: 727kB)1954 Crop Report(PDF: 2.11MB)
1963 Crop Report(PDF: 703kB)1953 Crop Report (PDF: 3.13MB)
1962 Crop Report(PDF: 2.62MB)1952 Crop Report(PDF: 630kB)
1961 Crop Report(PDF: 594kB)1951 Crop Report(PDF: 840kB)
1960 Crop Report(PDF: 765kB)1950 Crop Report(PDF: 177kB)
1940's Crop Reports1930's Crop Reports
1949 Crop Report(PDF: 1.67MB)1939 Crop Report (PDF: 81kB)
1948 Crop Report(PDF: 5.79MB)1938 Crop Report (PDF: 805kB)
1947 Crop Report(PDF: 1.07MB)1937 Crop Report (PDF: 302kB)
1946 Crop Report(PDF: 1.02MB)1936 Crop Report (PDF: 381kB)
1945 Crop Report(PDF: 711kB)1935 Crop Report (PDF: 216kB)
1944 Crop Report(PDF: 633kB)1934 Crop Report (PDF: 314kB)
1943 Crop Report (PDF: 650kB)1933 Crop Report (PDF: 166kB)
1942 Crop Report (PDF: 1.16MB)1932 Crop Report (PDF: 173kB)
1941 Crop Report (PDF: 964kB)1931 Crop Report (PDF: 183kB)
1940 Crop Report (PDF: 997kB)1930 Crop Report (PDF: 175kB)

1920's Crop Reports
1929 Crop Report(PDF: 167kB)
1928 Crop Report(PDF: 156kB)

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