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is charged with environmental protection and worker health and safety which are accomplished through enforcing pesticide laws and regulations and agricultural hazardous materials programs. A primary responsibility of the division is the prevention of the establishment of exotic pests detrimental to agriculture and the environment through exclusion, detection and eradication programs. Consumers are protected through inspection of agricultural commodities, growing sites and farm markets. The Agricultural Commissioner is mandated to compile an annual crop report which includes pest issues to the California Secretary of Agriculture and the Board of Supervisors for public information. Protection of waterways from sediment and erosion in the county is accomplished through enforcement of the County Grading, Drainage, and Vineyard and Orchard Site Development Ordinance.

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weight in applesprotects consumers and prevents unfair business practices for a wide range of devices and business practices. Commercially used weighing and measuring devices are tested for their accuracy. Quantities of packaged products are routinely verified against their label statement. Fuels and other petroleum products are tested for quality and octane specifications. Sales of bulk commodities are monitored for proper documentation. The division also administers the Weights and Measures Transaction Verification Fund, which is used to fund test purchases and equipment used in the program.

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