Agricultural Preservation and Open Space Fiscal Oversight Commission

The Sonoma County Fiscal Oversight Commission, as required by Ordinance 5677R (Measure F), provides independent fiscal oversight for the operations of the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation & Open Space District The Commission’s fiscal oversight role is:

  • To serve as an audit committee.
  • To respond to requests from the Board of Directors of the District or the District’s General Manager for advice on matters within the context of Resolution 10-0832.
  • To preview all proposed District bond sales, lease-purchase transactions and other borrowing transactions.
  • To review the District’s annual audit.
  • To make an annual report to the District’s Board of Directors.
  • To review each proposed District acquisition or conveyance of interests in real property to determine whether the District would be paying more or receiving less than fair market value for the open space interests being acquired or conveyed.

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