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Draft Minutes for July 7, 2020

Present: Jen Arent (Chair), Richard Baum, Jim Redding, Rosa Reynoza, Cynthia Scarborough, Alain Serkissian, Deanna Shaat
Absent: None
Influencers: Judi Johnson (Sonoma County Disability Services and Legal Center), Stephanie Hopkins (Silvercrest), Suzanne Dershowitz (Legal Aid), Mary Stompe (Pep Housing), Joy Lovinger (Senior Living Locators), Patricia Jones (West County Community Services)
Staff: Katie Parrish, Kathleen Cortez
Minutes: Bron Anderson

  1. Welcome & Introductions – (Arent)meeting called to order at 12:04 PM, all welcomed and introductions made.
  2. Approval of March 3, 2020 Meeting Minutes – (Arent) Ask for motion to approve the March 3, 2020 Housing Committee Meeting Minutes.
    • (Motion) Baum/Shaat (MSC) to approve minutes as presented; motion approved unanimously. AYES – 7, NOES – 0, Abstentions – 0.
  3. Select FY 2020-21 Chair for Housing Committee – (Arent)
    • Rosa Reynoza volunteered to be nominated as Housing Committee Chair.
      • (Motion) Baum/Scarborough (MSC) to nominate Rosa Reynoza as Housing Committee Chair to serve a term of 2 years; motion approved. AYES – 6, NOES – 0, Abstentions – 1.
  4. Staffing Changes for Housing Committee– (Parrish)
    • Kathleen Cortez will be serving as AAA staff liaison to the Housing Committee.
  5. AAA Report on COVID-19 Activities
    • AAA had to pivot during the COVID emergency to create and update Sonoma County Emergency website and Constant Contact E-Blasts. These provide valuable information to people during the pandemic.
    • Helped to get meals to people who didn’t receive them before, especially in West County Areas.
    • Weekly calls with Supervisor Zane’s COVID Social Isolation Task Force to address older adult issues in the County.
    • Partnering with Information and Assistance Social Workers to get information out.
    • Paratransit is available for free throughout the county right now
  6. Housing Partner Discussion: COVID-19 Response and Challenges– (Discussion)
    • Johnson (DSLC) – Finding that even people with resources are discovering that budgeting during the pandemic has been challenging.
    • Arent – Covia offers emergency funds of up to $300 for basics-of-life needs.
    • Baum – Oakmont is experiencing issues with the people who are housed at the tiny homes nearby.
    • Stompe – Pep Housing didn’t receive any funding for COVID-related emergency funds to assist needs specific to older adults.
    • Hopkins – Silvercrest has been actively working with community agencies like Council on Aging and Redwood Empire Food Bank to assist older adults at their community.
    • Arent – Concerns around heat and upcoming fire season have been coming up frequently
      • Lovinger – An individual has set up an early warning system in West County for fires.
      • PG&E webinars for special programs for at-risk populations in Sonoma County are happening this month.
      • Red Cross is working on potential solutions for a fire emergency with COVID in Sonoma County.
    • Reynoza – Potential stigma in County about people having food delivered to their houses. How can we work to combat this? Possibility of a letter-writing program?
    • Scarborough – In Sonoma County, Sonoma Oaks mobile home park is proposing to change into a 92-unit affordable senior housing property.
      • Reynoza notes to keep tabs on this development
    • Public Comments/Announcements – (All)
      • Catholic Charities is having a free disaster training on July 9 at 9:00 AM in English and 2:00 PM in Spanish.
      • Project-Based Housing opening up from the Sonoma County Housing Authority.
    • Adjourn – Call to Adjourn at 1:18 PM.

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