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Draft Minutes September 1, 2020

Present: Rosa Reynoza (Chair), Jen Arent, Richard Baum, Jim Redding, Deanna Shaat Absent: Cynthia Scarborough, Alain Serkissian
Public Influencers: Joy Lovinger (Senior Living Locators), Annie and Natalie (Living Room), Eloise Tweeten (Community Influencer), Rio Molina (Department of Health Services)
Staff: Kathleen Cortez, Tracy Repp
Minutes: Bron Anderson

  1. Welcome & Introductions - (Reynoza) – meeting called to order at 12:01 PM, all welcomed and introductions made.
  2. Approval of July 7, 2020 Meeting Minutes – (Reynoza) Ask for motion to approve the July 7, 2020 Housing Committee Meeting Minutes. • (Motion) Redding/Shaat (MSC) to approve minutes as presented; motion approved unanimously. AYES – 5, NOES – 0, Abstentions – 0.
  3. Housing Partner Discussion – COVID-19 Response & Challenges – (All)
    1. Reynoza encourages people to take the APS mandated reporter training offered by Sonoma County Human Services Department on September 15.
    2. Lovinger – Difficult to ascertain where the virus is in senior living, as there is no overall messaging. People still need to move into senior living, but not knowing if there may be an infection causes fear.
  4. Housing Partner Discussion – Fire Evacuation Challenges - (All)
    1. Lovinger – The lack of unified fire maps makes it challenging to know when a person needs to act.
    2. Cortez – Fire Safe Marin has a lot of resources to prepare for fire emergencies, webinar is very informative.
    3. People who need gurney transport when they are at home can find it difficult to evacuate when disasters start.
    4. Arent – Found that for those in Independent Living, preparing for all of the different elements of disaster can become overwhelming.
  5. Legal Aid Sonoma County Presentation - Eviction Moratorium Status and COVID
    1. Presenter not available, but sent notes: Eviction moratorium in effect at this time, but tenants will still need to pay back rent when the moratorium ends. If people are hearing about evictions, please refer them to Legal Aid.
  6. Information Sharing/Public Announcements (All)
    1. Sonoma County Board of Supervisors are accepting input about how to spend the money from PG&E settlement. Emails can be sent to
    2. Living Room – Offering meal service in parking lot
    3. Organization called Open House provides a list of available housing for Bay Area Counties other than Sonoma
    4. Possible future topic – Assisted Living Waiver program
  7. Adjourn – Call to Adjourn at 1:09PM

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