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Draft Minutes February 19, 2020

Present: Terry Kelley (Chair), Cynthia Scarborough (Vice Chair), Lea Black (Secretary), Rick Baum, Dorothy Fried, Jenny Helman, Peter Holewinksi, Bonnie Koagedal, Sean Madison, Jim Redding, Rosa Reynoza, Judy Rice, Alain Serkissian, Diane Spain, Don Streeper, Erin Stroud

Absent: Jen Arent, Bob Picker, Deanna Shaat, Gloria Young, Kathleen Cortez

Guests:  Melanie Hall (Cloverdale Senior Multipurpose Center), Trayce Beards (Community Volunteer), Michael Dowdell (Legal Aid), Colin Frey (Legal Aid), Anna Grant (City of Healdsburg), Renee Tolliver (Council on Aging), Karen French (Parkinson’s Support Group Sonoma County), Anita LaFollette (California Association for Retired Americans), Michelle Osmon (Catholic Charities), Karlene Navarro (Sonoma County IOLERO), Scotty King (Sebastopol Area Senior Center)

Staff: Paul Dunaway, Tracy Repp, Katie Parrish

Minutes: Bron Anderson

  1. Welcome & Introductions (Kelley) – Meeting called to order at 1:03 PM all welcome and introductions made.
  2. Approval of January Advisory Council Minutes (Kelley) – Motion to approve the January 15, 2020 meeting minutes.
    • (Motion) Fried/Black (MSC) to approve January 2020 Advisory Council Meeting minutes. Ayes – 16, Noes – 0, Abstentions – 1.
    • Chair’s Report (Kelley)
      • Capitol Day, February 27, 2020
        • This provides a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with representatives. A small group representing the AAA will be attending
      • Civic Engagement Committee
        • Legislative Committee has changed its name to Civic Engagement Committee. Executive Committee has voted to approve this change
        • (Motion) Streeper/Rice (MSC) to approve the committee name change from Legislative Committee to Civic Engagement Committee. Passed Unanimously, Ayes - 16, Noes – 0, Abstentions - 0
      • Mentorship for new members
        • Starting the creation of a plan to mentor new Advisory Council members
        • Anyone interested in mentoring and planning should contact Kelley
      • Bylaw Review Workgroup
        • Rick Baum will chair a bylaw review workgroup to outline, suggest, and develop potential changes to the AAA bylaws
      • Standing Committee Vice Chairs
        • Vice chairs for committees can help to create some continuity of transitions of chairs as well as aid in the sharing of the chair’s responsibilities
    • Director’s Report (Dunaway)
      • Budget Season for Human Services Department
        • Adult and Aging Services Division will be going to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors with new positions for fiscal year 20/21
      • Aging and Disabilities Resource Connection/Center (ADRC)
        • Dunaway participated in one planning meeting so far for helping to create an ADRC in Sonoma County
        • The creation would take place in coordination with the Sonoma County Disability Services and Legal Center (DSLC)
        • Dunaway will keep the Advisory Council involved in the process as it moves forward
      • Master Plan for Aging
        • Governor Newsom issued an executive order to develop a Master Plan to address the needs of aging adults
        • Dunaway did a presentation on disaster preparedness at a state-wide meeting of the Master Plan for Aging committee in Sacramento
        • Final recommendations for Master plan are due March 2020
        • The overarching Master Plan will be completed in October 2020
        • Dunaway will present the plan to the AAA Advisory Council when it is ready to be distributed
        • Fried asked – Regarding disaster preparedness, how can we engage the medical community to ensure that people who have a high need can be counted fully and cared for?
          • Can we find the success stories and share them help to jumpstart preparedness?
    • FY 2019-2020 Funding Recommendations from Planning and Funding Committee for CDA Amendment #2 (Helman)
      • AAA received approximately $426,000 in funding from California Department of Aging. Increases include some One-Time-Only funding which must be spent by June 30, 2020 and some baseline increases that should be part of FY 2021 allocation.
      • Helman presented the Planning & Funding Committee Funding Recommendations to full Advisory Council for approval, referencing the attachment that was included in the agenda packet. 
      • (Motion) Spain/Holewinski (MSC) to approve the Planning and Funding Recommendations for CDA Amendment #2. Passed Unanimously, Ayes – 16, Noes – 0, Abstentions – 0.
      • Information Sharing (All)
        • Osmon - Catholic Charities is interested and excited by the potential of the ADRC. They are working on integrating the Assisted Rides software into their volunteer driver program.
        • LaFollette – California Association for Retired Americans are looking to add signatures to get a ballot measure regarding changing Proposition 13 (from the 1970s) so that corporations would pay a reassessment rate on property. The funds collected would help to support schools.
        • Grant – City of Healdsburg Newsletter is out and details many of the exciting things happening.
        • King – Sebastopol Area Senior Center is having a dance party on February 22. All are welcome.
      • Break 1:49PM – 2:02PM
      • 2020-2024 Area Plan Goals and Objectives (Helman and Repp)
        • Objectives to the Area Plan will be added as the plan moves forward and in each year of the plan.
        • Feedback Received:
          • Objective 4.1 – Add language that gives more leeway to the age range (currently say “youth”). Should we add who would oversee the programs. Should we collect information on what programs exist in the community and integrate successes into any future program.
          • Objective 4.2 – Educating the civil servants about the specific needs of older adults could lead to more use of services provided.
          • Holewinski – Add an objective for training for dementia as opposed to mental illness.
          • Add an objective for Age Friendly cities.
          • Plan will be updated at Planning and Funding to update the draft. It will then move to a Public Hearing at the next Advisory Council meeting
        • Request – Can Communiversity come and speak to the AAA Advisory Council?
      • Civic Engagement Brainstorm Activity
        • Activity to brainstorm ideas for Civic Engagement
          • What could we as an Area Agency on Aging be doing that we are not going?
          • What do Senior Centers need that AAA can help with?
        • Ideas from the breakout attached
      • Meeting Adjourned at 2:56 PM

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      Tracy Repp

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      Human Services Department
      County of Sonoma
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