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Draft Minutes August 19 2020

Present: Terry Kelley (Chair Pro-Tem), Jenny Helman (Chair-Elect), Cynthia Scarborough (Vice Chair), Lea Black (Secretary Pro-Tem), Jen Arent, Peter Holewinksi, Bonnie Koagedal, Sean Madison, Jim Redding, Rosa Reynoza, Judy Rice, Diane Spain, Don Streeper
Absent: Alain Serkissian, Bonnie Koagedal, Dorothy Fried
Guests: Nancy Powers-Stone (Redwood Caregiver Resource Center), Renee Tolliver (Council on Aging), Crista Nelson (Senior Advocacy Services – SAS), Shelly Dombrowski (Alzheimer’s Association), Linda Civitello (Sebastopol Area Senior Center – SASC), Michele Osmon (Catholic Charities)
Presenter: Lake Kowell (Disability Services and Legal Center)
Staff: Paul, Dunaway, Tracy Repp, Katie Parrish, Kathleen Cortez
Minutes: Bron Anderson

  1. Welcome & Introductions (Kelley) – Meeting called to order at 1:05 PM all welcome and introductions made.
  2. Approval of July 2020 Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
    1. (Motion) Rice/Black (MSC) to approve July 15, 2020 Advisory Council meeting minutes. Approved Unanimously. AYES – 15, NOES – 0, Abstentions - 0
  3. Disability Services and Legal Center (DSLC) Presentation by Lake Kowell
    1. DSLC offers a number of services to people with disabilities in Sonoma County as well as Lake, Mendocino and Napa counties.
    2. The presentation highlights two recent programs:
      1. DDARC – A program to provide Yeti battery back-ups, emergency hotel accommodations, transportation, food vouchers when at a hotel, and disaster planning assistance. This program is specifically for a PG&E planned Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS), not for rolling blackouts or emergencies. Disaster Planning and Preparation is a major focus of this program. This will make sure people have transportation, go bags, plans, etc. for when emergencies may happen. People have to be on PG&E’s medical baseline list to apply for this assistance
      2. CARES Program - Up to $3000 in assistance for people who were directly financially impacted by the COVID pandemic and have a disability. This would apply to rent, child care, utilities, etc. The funds go directly to the vendor, not to the person in the program. Applications requires proof that the person has been affected directly by the pandemic.
  4. Planning and Funding Committee CARES ACT Funding Recommendations (Spain)
    1. Funding allocation document reviewed by Advisory Council
    2. Questions
      1. Nelson asked about Senior Advocacy Services Ombudsman program getting a decrease in funding from the Older American’s Act funding contract which is not part of this CARES Act recommendation for this meeting. Will be brought back to Planning & Funding for discussion for Older Americans Act FY2020-2021 Funding Recommendation at September Advisory Council meeting.
    3. (Motion) Baum/Helman (MSC) to approve Planning and Funding Committee CARES Act Funding Recommendation. Approved. AYES – 14, NOES – 0, Abstentions - 1
  5. Chair Report (Kelley)
    1. Advisory Council Secretary Position is still open and accepting a Councilmember to volunteer. Black will hold position temporarily until a new Secretary is selected.
    2. There currently are 3 vacancies on the Advisory Council. Members are encouraged to ask people they know to apply to join.
      1. Interview is scheduled on 08/24/2020 for one of the open positions
  6. Correspondence (Black) - None
  7. Director’s Report (Dunaway)
    1. Staff Updates
      1. Grant awards allowed AAA to add a new Analyst position, which will be filled by current staff member Katie Parrish
    2. Budget
      1. All departments in Sonoma County faced reductions in first round of budgeting
      2. Human Services will not see staffing reductions
    3. C4A – California Association of Area Agencies on Aging Directors Meeting
      1. • Nutrition, Isolation, Digital Divide, and Ombudsman have been the major focuses of C4A weekly meetings. Currently working on a position paper to spotlight the importance of these programs which will help in advocating for resources to support them. Papers will be sent to California Department of Aging, State Legislators, and the public.
    4. Appreciation to Renee Tolliver, who served as Age Friendly Coordinator. As funding for program has ended, with help from the AAA Advisory Council, the work will continue. Tolliver will be invited to assist this effort
    5. Supervisor Shirley Zane Task Force on Older Adult Issues during Pandemic
      1. Very valuable experience of getting together with services and resources to work on issues related to Sonoma County older adults. Focus has become about SNFs, RCFEs, and Independent Living Communities around the idea of the consequences of isolation and get the message out that there are safe ways to social distance.
    6. Fire Emergency
      1. HSD is opening up a shelter, with attention on avoiding having too many people in one place. List of pop-up shelters will be sent to Council Email list
  8. Information/Public Announcements (All)
    1. Scarborough – PG&E Settlement public input. People are sending letters to encourage the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to apply funding to housing. Would like AAA to write a letter as well
    2. Reynoza – Polling Place feedback until August 24th from Registrar of Voters. Link will be sent to Council
    3. Osmon – Home Alone Program is very busy with calls to older adults. Helps to limit feeling of isolation
    4. Cimino – You are not Alone program has 1200 clients
    5. Arent - still has its “Well Connected” program, which allows interactions with each other
    6. Dombrowski – Alzheimer’s Association has had to convert a lot of their programs to virtual. Walk to end Alzheimer’s is October 10; virtual walk
    7. Stroud – July 13, Town of Windsor reopened pool with social distancing measures in place. Started outdoor exercise classes as well Break – 2:30 – 2:35
  9. Advisory Council Planning
    1. Breakout Activity
    2. Notes will be compiled and emailed to council members
  10. Meeting Adjourned at 3:06PM

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