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Training and Resources

This page contains resources and training links for systems supported by EFS: PeopleSoft, Planning, SCLabor, EFS Reporting Services, EFS Budget Reports, Simpler EFS and EZ FAMIS.

This page is currently under construction. We are adding and updating resources continually. Some documents may be out of date, so please use the information contained within that is useful and email us regarding any information that is in need of a refresh.

Thank you for your help as we continue to improve our website to provide you with the access and resources you need to complete your work as smoothly, efficiently, and effectively as possible.

EFS Access Request Form

Requesting Access or Security Changes to EFS Applications - The PDF version of the EFS Access Request Form used to request new, changes and deactivations of access to all EFS supported applications.


Reporting Overview

EFS Reporting Services and Simpler EFS Overview - PowerPoint overview of both EFS Reporting Services and Simpler EFS

    Simpler EFS

    Simpler EFS - Simpler EFS home page.

    Simpler Quick Start - A generic how-to for using Simpler EFS.

    Simpler EFS Reference Sheet - Sonoma County specific examples and tips.

    EFS Reporting Services

    EFS Reporting Services - PeopleSoft and Planning reporting home page.

    UPK Reporting Trainings - EFS Reporting UPK landing page. This does not include trainings for Simpler EFS.

    Link for HSD and SCWA - UPK Reporting Trainings


      Instructional Documents - Key word searchable index that contains multiple instructional documents for using PeopleSoft.

        UPK Trainings - Screen recorded how-to trainings.

        Link for HSD and SCWA - UPK Trainings

          Oracle Planning

          Instructional Documents - Key word searchable index that contains multiple instructional documents for using Planning.

          UPK Training - Screen recorded how-to trainings.

          Link for HSD and SCWA - UPK Training

          Planning Classes - All

          Questions about training and resources?