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  • The most common measuring device Weights and Measures inspects is the fuel pump; there are nearly 4,000 in the county. We also inspect wholesale fuel meters at bulk plants, on delivery trucks, and aircraft refuelers. Wholesale meters that are used by agricultural chemical sellers, wineries, concrete batch plants, and oil distributors are tested and sealed. Special pressure vessels are used to prove the accuracy of liquefied propane gas meters. Other meters inspected are: Taximeters, wire/rope meters, and utility meters such as gas vapor, electric and water meters used in mobile home parks.
  • The majority of the public’s purchases are completed through a computerized point of sale system that scans a code on the item and charges you a price. Is it correct? Because businesses frequently have sales, discounts, and markdowns, this creates a challenge in charging the correct price. Weights and Measures has the authority and responsibility to make sure that businesses are charging their customers the correct prices. Inspectors investigate deceptive packaging practices and make test purchases to ensure compliance with pricing and advertising requirements.
  • We inspect all types of packaged commodities to insure that the net quantity equals the amount advertised on the label. Commodities are opened and the quantities measured on sensitive scales, calibrated glass graduates, or other lab instruments. We follow and enforce Federal and State quantity and labeling regulations.
  • Weights & Measures inspects and test all devices used in commercial weighing applications. This includes scales found at grocery stores, farmers markets, freight shippers, meat packers, fisheries, pharmacies, and jewelers. We use a 60,000-pound crane truck to test scales at wineries, vineyards, granaries, cement plants, and quarries. Livestock scales are inspected at ranches, feed lots, and the auction yard. Devices that do not pass inspection are taken out of service until they are corrected.
  • Weighmasters sell bulk commodities and issue a certificate of quantity to document the amount. The transaction payment is dependent on the quantity listed on the certificate. The buyer usually does not witness the quantity being determined. Inspectors audit licensed Weighmasters to ensure the accuracy of the certificates and how the quantity is fixed. Examples are soil or landscape supplies delivered to your home. Other weighmaster transactions involve apples, wine grapes, bulk milk, hay and animal feed, quarry products, moving companies, live animals, and fresh caught seafood.
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