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Adult Protective Service (APS)

Adult Protective Services (APS ) investigates suspected incidents of elder and dependent adult abuse, neglect or exploitation. APS provides 24-hour response to life threatening emergencies involving elder and dependent adults. APS also educates the community about elder abuse prevention and identification.

The Sonoma County Adult Protective Services Program (APS ) is mandated under Welfare and Institutions Code 15600 and is part of a statewide program of the California Department of Social Services.

All elder and dependent adults have the right to live their lives in a healthy and safe environment and to conduct their lives without emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, neglect, self-neglect, isolation, abandonment, financial abuse, or the fear of abuse. With the goal of enabling the person to live as safely and independently as possible, the APS social worker will investigate the report and coordinate services with available family, supportive friends and community resources.

Everyone should report all observed, known or suspected incidents of adult abuse. However, mandated reporters are required by law to report observation, knowledge, or suspicion of abuse. Mandated reporters as defined by the Welfare and Institutions Codes are:

" Any person who has assumed full or intermittent responsibility for care or custody of an elder or dependent adult, whether or not that person receives compensation, including administrators, supervisors, and any licensed staff of a public or a private facility that provides care or services for elder or dependent adults, or any elder or dependent adult care custodian, health practitioner…or a local law enforcement agency is a mandated reporter. "

As of January 1, 2007, California law designated all financial institution officers and employees as mandated reporters. They are required to report suspected elder financial abuse to Adult Protective Services or local law enforcement agencies.

Mandated reporters must report any incident of alleged or suspected abuse, or a reasonable suspicion of abuse, which comes to their attention. All reports should be made immediately, or as soon as practically possible by telephone. The written report must be received within two working days.

If you suspect that an older adult or dependent adult is being abused or neglected, call Sonoma County Adult Protective Services, 24 hours/day, at 1-800-667-0404 or fax reports to (707) 565-5969. All calls are handled confidentially.

If you are a concerned citizen, you can download a Confidential Report form by selecting this link:

If you are a financial institution officer or employee, you can download the form by selecting this link:

For more information about elder abuse, please visit:

Contact Information

Diane Kaljian
Division Director
Adult and Aging Services
Human Services Department
Office Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
3725 Westwind Boulevard
Suite 101
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
38.510185, -122.796579

Senior Resource Guide

The Senior Resource Guide is a directory of services, agencies, and programs in Sonoma County which assist older persons, people with disabilities, and their caregivers in their daily lives.

You may pick up a free copy at the Adult and Aging office.


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