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Graywater Systems

What is Graywater?

Graywater is wastewater collected from showers, bathtubs, bathroom sinks, and clothes washing machines. Graywater does not include water from toilets, kitchen sinks, or dishwashers. Graywater can be routed to your landscape to help meet your irrigation needs.

Types of Systems

There are three types of graywater systems. They are listed below along with permit requirements.

Please contact the Well & Septic division with questions about permitting for graywater systems.

  • Clothes Washer System

    • Septic permit: Not required
    • Building (plumbing) permit: Required
  • Simple System*

    • Septic permit: Required
    • Building (plumbing) permit: Required
    • Design review and inspection: Required
  • Complex System*

    • Septic permit: Required
    • Building (plumbing) permit: Required
    • Design review and inspection: Required

*These types of graywater systems are not fully covered on this website.

Contact Information

Contact Well & Septic by Phone
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Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

Find out about Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS). OWTS

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Funding Assistance
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Local Building Contact
Contact your local building official for plumbing permit requirements.