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Streamlining Place-Based Development Guidelines

The Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management Department is proposing changes to the General Plan and Zoning Code that would streamline, simplify and allow for greater awareness of development guidelines applicable to specific areas in the unincorporated County. The proposed amendments will implement the Land Use and Open Space and Resource Conservation policies of the County’s General Plan.

These changes do not affect any base zoning or allowed land uses. The proposed combining zone changes would either clarify design review requirements or add a new design review requirement (as required to implement the General Plan) to approximately 450 parcels in the Scenic Hwy 116 corridor for development that could be seen from Highway 116 approximately between Sebastopol and Duncan Mills.

The Board of Supervisors took final action on the project at a public hearing, on February 4, 2014,

The Planning Commission held public hearings on September 5 and October 3, 2013, and made recommendations to:

  1. Approve General Plan Open Space Map and Scenic Resource (SR) combining zone changes to correct mapping errors and General Plan/SR combining zone inconsistencies with a motion to ensure that Scenic Landscape Units were not expanded to exceed any existing SR combining zone boundary, and to correct Open Space Map/SR combining zone inconsistencies on portions of parcels.
  2. Add the 1988 Board adopted Scenic Highway 116 Guidelines to Zoning Code Article 90 (Local Area Development Guidelines).
  3. Add a new combining zone, Local Guidelines (LG) to the Zoning Code as Article 63, and rezone all properties subject to existing Board adopted Local Area Development Guidelines to the new Local Guidelines (LG) combining zone, including the Scenic Highway 116 Guidelines.
  4. Designate approximately 450 parcels in the Scenic Highway 116 Corridor as Scenic Landscape Unit and rezone to the Scenic Resource (SR) zone requiring Design Review for new development.
  5. Revise the text of Zoning Code Article 90 (Local Area Development Guidelines) for clarity and consistency.
  6. Remove Scenic Design (SD) combining zone on all parcels where it occurs and rescind the SD combining zone text in its entirety.
  7. Designate approximately 1,300 parcels with former SD zoning as Scenic Landscape Unit and rezone to the Scenic Resource (SR) combining zone requiring Design Review for new development.

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