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Extra-Help Staffing

Extra-help employees relieve or augment permanent staff, as temporary employees that are not in the classified civil service and do not have property rights to permanently allocated positions.

In addition, they do not receive most employee benefits such as:

  • long-term disability insurance coverage;
  • accrual of vacation;
  • participation in the County retirement program;
  • eligibility to take promotional examinations. 

There are five types of extra-help employees:

Contact your department’s Human Resources Recruitment and Classification Analyst regarding any question related to extra-help staffing. 


Temporary extra-help employees relieve or augment permanent staff on a continuous basis for a period not to exceed one calendar year without a substantial break in service (three continuous months), unless approved by the Human Resources Director and the County Administrator. Examples of the use of temporary employees include but are not limited to vacation, pregnancy and disability relief, and temporary assignment to assist a department with a workload that is too great to be dealt with expeditiously by permanent employees of the department.

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Intermittent extra-help employees augment permanent staff when there is a need to maintain adequate work coverage either for short periods of time at recurrent intervals, or for ongoing periods of time for fewer than 4 days per pay period on a regular basis. Examples of intermittent employment include, but are not limited to, "on-call" and "pool" staffing. The total number of hours an intermittent employee shall work in any twelve month consecutive period cannot exceed the number of hours that are equivalent to what a full-time employee would work in eight months, i.e., 1380 hours excluding overtime.

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Seasonal extra-help employees augment permanent staff by performing duties that are required at certain times or seasons of the year. Seasonal employment shall not extend beyond six calendar months in any twelve month consecutive period.

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Emergency extra-help employees are hired to meet the immediate requirements of an emergency situation in order to prevent stoppages of public business, loss of life, or damage to person or property. Such appointments are limited to 40 working days. Emergency employment must be approved by the County Administrator.

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Intern means a student who is enrolled in a full-time or part-time academic or vocational curriculum which is directly related to the work the Intern performs for the County. An Intern may not work in excess of 1560 hours in a twelve month period from date of hire. An internship may extend beyond the initial twelve-month period to a maximum of thirty-six consecutive months provided the Intern remains enrolled in the related academic curriculum throughout the thirty-six month period. Graduates of Law School may be employed as Graduate Law Clerks as long as their total employment does not exceed three consecutive years. Each individual who is employed as an Intern in excess of twelve consecutive months must be approved by the Human Resources Director beyond that period of time.

Please click here for more information regarding internship requirements.

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